Hunt for the Wilderpeople [Blu-Ray]

wilderpeopleTaika Waititi has been a talent constantly on the rise. First making his name as an actor, he then broke through as a director with the Oscar-nominated short film Two Cars, One Night before a sequence of feature films drew him further into the spotlight. As such, this may be his last New Zealand film for a while, as he has at time of writing been deep in directing Thor 3: Ragnarok. If this really is the send-off for his laid-back style of local filmmaking, it’s a hell of a way to finish.

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Upcoming Release: Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast [Box-set]


Finally a comprehensive box-set for HGL fans to, yes well, feast on. Arrow Video are releasing fourteen newly restored films over 18 Blu-ray and DVDs. The box-set is a limited edition set with 2,500 copies available from the 24th of October. Pre-order here.

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Thankskilling 3

thankskilling-3-coverIn 2008 there was Thankskilling, a no budget slasher parody made for just thirty five hundred bucks ($3500!) that starred Turkie, a demonic turkey back from the dead who hunts down and kills a bunch of teenagers on, you guessed it, Thanksgiving. Dumb, cheap, played for laughs but genuinely funny while obviously showing a true love for the genre which it mocked, Thankskilling’s cult status enabled the team behind it to raise an amazing one hundred and twelve grand plus change ($112,000!) via kickstarter to bring us Thankskilling 3 – a movie so insane I had to watch it three times before I could even attempt to review it!  (and sober up – the drinking game attached to it will kick your arse)

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gauntlet-flyer-test-colorBy John Harrison

The Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda in Victoria, Australia has a touch of Hollywood glamour about it at the moment, for currently residing amongst its leafy suburban streets is Marneen Fields, an American actor, singer-songwriter and former movie and television stuntwoman, who is temporarily based in the area while she works on several upcoming music and video projects. Fields will be hitting the stage to enlighten and entertain patrons of the grand old Astor Theatre on September 28, when she introduces a screening of the classic 1977 Clint Eastwood action film The Gauntlet, on which she worked as a stuntwoman, performing a hair-raising and dangerous leap from a moving goods train onto the hard Arizona desert floor.

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Upcoming Release: Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie

Madman Entertainment are brining Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie to NZ audiences in cinema for one week only (October 13th, 2016).

The film will be released on DVD on November 10th and is available to pre-order now.

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Motivational Growth

Motivational-GrowthDeeply depressed, Ian B. Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni) hasn’t left his cluttered, filthy apartment in over a year. When his sole companion (a vintage TV set he’s christened “Kent”) dies suddenly, Ian decides to end it all by gassing himself with cleaning chemicals. After he falls from his sink trying to cover up the ventilation in his bathroom, Ian is woken by the avuncular Mold (voiced by Jeffrey Combs) who offers him the chance to turn his life around, so long as he does exactly as he’s told. But is it really wise to trust something that grew from the grime in the corner of your bathroom? The Mold may be happy to protect Ian from demonic plasma TV salesmen and his brutish landlord “Box the Ox” (Pete Giovagnoli), but his methods are extreme to the point of murderous. Moreover, once Kent develops his own voice (he speaks in snippets of recycled TV shows) it becomes clear that Ian is caught up in a conflict beyond his understanding, and it’s no simple battle between good and evil.

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Yakuza Apocalypse

Yakuza-ApocalypseTakashi Miike has a global reputation as a purveyor of the wild, the edgy, the transgressive. In fact, the bulk of the Japanese director’s extensive filmography is more traditional fare, despite his standing as the international festival circuit’s enfante terrible. Yakuza Apocalypse, however, is exactly the kind of film you think of when you think of Takashi Miike.

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JPodJpod is the name of a pod in the basement of a video game company called the Neotronic Arts. A Y2K glitch caused workers with the last name beginning with ‘J’ to be sent to this pod, hence Jpod. Jpod is based on the Douglas Coupland novel of the same name. I read the book after seeing the series and it was just as insane and experimental as the show. I’m glad I consumed them in this order as I can only imagine how pessimistic I would have been about a TV adaptation.

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Gitane Demone: Life After Death

Gitane-DemoneGitane Demone: Life After Death is a 3 disc set that consists of live footage covering many periods of her musical career. Gitane Demone was a member of both Pompeii 99 and Christian Death and left Christian Death in the late 1980s to focus on her own career. Coming from a background of punk and death/goth rock, Demone created and experimented with new styles of music and expanded her interest in gothic / fetish clothing and incorporated the fetish elements into her musical performances.

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Earthworm Jim [Seasons One and Two]

Earthworm-JimI’ve mentioned in previous reviews of kids shows that my love for Madman is deeply rooted in the release of my favourite childhood shows (Samurai Pizza Cats, Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo etc). Earthworm Jim (1995-1996) was one I had pretty much forgotten about, which is weird because I watched it all the time at my grandparents place and used to call my Grandad ‘Earthworm Joe’ as he had earthworms. So yet again Madman have pleased the inner child in me with the release of two Earthworm Jim seasons.

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Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict

PeggyFor as much as I love art I didn’t even know Peggy Guggenheim existed or that she is pretty much responsible for launching the career of every artist that I like. Of course I knew about the Guggenheim museum; I figured it was some rich old fart of a man, which well it is, but let’s not get too distracted.

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HollowerNathan Robbins (Adam Dillon) finds himself at a police station with no recollection of the events that led him there. A quiet, agoraphobic young man who never leaves his apartment, Nathan must piece together what happened through an interview with Detective Miller (Nicholas Vince), knowing that whatever it was, it ended in blood and violence.

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FlowersUsually when I review movies for this site, I try not to spoil them. Unfortunately, I’ll have to break with that tradition here. Flowers creeped me out for real, and not in a good way. However, I need to unpack the end of the movie a bit before I can explain why.

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