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Crimson Celluloid: The obvious first question is how does a nice American girl like you end up in Germany filming what will quite possibly become one of the most infamous horror films of the decade?

Ashlynn Yennie: First of all…how do you know I am nice? ahaha… kidding… I am actually so sweet it is sick sometimes! We actually shot the film in Holland right outside of Amsterdam. It was a pretty quick process for me. I went into the audition… I was told it was a “controversial, European film” (not until I went to the first audition did I learn it was a horror. I had the option to stay or the leave… I read the synopsis and watch girl after girl walk out in shock. I was less shocked and more intrigued. I went into the room and there was this beautiful woman sitting there and she said “hello”… that was the producer Ilona… I sat down with her and asked SO many questions… I auditioned ,had a callback and had the part all within 3 day… a week later I was on a plane to Holland

When you first read the script did you have any idea about how extreme the centipede sequences would actually be?

The scenes where we are attached were not all that bad… I know you are like “how can that be?” Well, we only filmed in short sequences and it was a fake butt with a knob that we bit down on… It was more emotionally draining to perform with only your eyes cause all physical and vocal skills are gone.

Being a devoted horror fan I appreciate that the film is almost entirely devoid of humour, aside from the old pervert speaking obscenities to you in German after you car broke down. Was filming as intense?

Filming was intense and not at the same time. Tom is an amazing director and he know exactly what he wants. He talks everything out with you before the scene and then lets you go and do your thing. Dieter, Ashley and Aki are all amazing actors so it made the entire filming process fun, educational and a once and a lifetime experience.

Any funny/memorable stories about the filming?

I think before filming when we were at the prop shop and Aki and Ashley were getting there asses cast was funny… we all had this moment where we were like “ahaha… this is for real…I am going to be all up in your butt!:)

Director Tom Six seems remarkably NORMAL considering the subject matter…is that the truth or is he, in fact, a panty-sniffing, cross-dressing neo Nazi in real life?

I know right! He is so NORMAL!! I first met Tom in Holland so I took the part not knowing anything about him except his prior film Gay in Amsterdam was a shocker also…for other reasons… I met him and instantly loved him…He is just a cool guy with a wicked sense of humor!!

Given that this is essentially your first major film role it was a real baptism of fire, how did you prepare physically and psychologically?

I didn’t have much time to prepare only about a week and almost all of the script is improv. So you just dive into Tom’s world and create with him his vision. Physically I practiced being on my hands and knees for hours!! j/k.

Was their some kind of mouth-rig/harness that kept the three of you attached?

Aki and Ashley wore shorts that had fake butts in them with a knob that we bit down on and then there was lots of gauze that went around our heads.

PLEASE tell me that Dieter Laser is like that in real life!!! In the film he looks like Udo Kier if he had mated with a lizard and possesses the intensity of Klaus Kinski on a bender.

He is a really sweet man! He is not like that at all…but I will confess to you… Dieter did not talk to us at all during filming… He kept to himself and I swear to you I never saw him smile till the wrap party and he was happy!!

Was it a challenge considering the fact that your dialog in the film was minimal and you had to convey most of your emotion via limited facial expressions, moaning etc?

 It was a challenge… but that is why Ashley and I were hired… because in the audition we had to show we could do just that!

I’ve only seen the film once and you’ll have to excuse my forgetfulness, but which position in the centipede chain did you occupy? Who do you think had it worst in that chain?

I think we all had it bad… I was the last link…My worst scene to do was the stair case scene… that was brutal.

While the film seems to revel in its depravity and violence it’s coy when it comes to the nudity of you and Ashley Williams. Why was this?

That was all Tom… He did not want any sex in the film. It was about the destruction of 3 people and the humility of it all.

I’m sure you’ll be a great hit on the horror convention circuit. Have you received much feedback from the hardcore horror crowd? Any weird fan experiences?

 I love the fans!! I am headed to HorrorFind in a few weeks and can’t wait. The fans are the reason why so many people have heard about THC! Some weirdos but most are really cool people who have so much enthusiasm toward Horror! I love it!

Everyone knows that the two greatest honours that can be bestowed upon a film are 1) An Oscar and 2) A porn parody. Human Centipede has been immortalised with the latter in the form of Human Sex-ipede. Your feelings about this?

I love the fact there is a porn parody! The poster was actually in California and the models were 3 porn actors…I mean really how do you get 3 people to pose like that and say it’s for a film? So I was just waiting for the porn world to make their version… I hear it is more for shits and giggles rather than well you know… 😉

What can you tell us about your new horror film Fetch?

 Fetch is a story about a group of Evangelical Christian kids who gets abducted in rural Kansas. It was written by Trent Hagga and directed by C.M Downs. I play Starlene Archbucle… she is a stripper who is married to the guy who has abducted the youth group. It is a horror but it also is a love story…I know that sounds crazy but it’s true:) . I am headed to Kansas the 7th of Sept for the premier with the cast! It’s going to be so funnnn!!!

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