The Coca Cola Kid

The Coca-Cola Kid starts with a disclaimer that the film doesn’t represent nor has any affiliation with the REAL Coca-Cola Company. After sitting through it, I wonder if the actors say the same thing on their resumes? Eric Roberts, who is part of the more-talented-but-less-famous-than-my-sibling crowd (see also Clint/Ron Howard and any Baldwin brother/Alec Baldwin) […]


ORDER DVD Ostensibly another in a ridiculously long line of slasher films Hatchet does however possesses a sharp sense of humour, great special fx and some genuine scares. The gore-filled pre-credit sequence featuring Robert (“have-scenery-WILL-chew”) Englund sets the scene for the titular Hatchet and, like most slasher films, 5 minutes is all you need to […]


ORDER DVD I was actively dreading watching this DVD. I mean, ANOTHER wise-cracking-turkey-reanimated-by-dog-piss film… how many more of those do I have to watch??!!! Seriously though, this 2007 film directed by Jordan Downey and shot on lush HD Video is surprisingly entertaining and belies its $3,500 (!) budget in many ways. As revealed by Downey […]


ORDER DVD Reviewing films, as much fun as it can be, is a duel-edged sword. On the one hand I can sit down and watch a film that people have worked months, if not YEARS on, and dismiss it with a single paragraph. One side of me feels genuinely guilty about this..the other side thinks […]

Ted V. Mikels

Ted V Mikels is a legend. No two ways about it. From his earliest work through to latter day works he put his heart and soul into every film. Younger gorehounds should check out his entire back catalogue of films, we old bastards already know how cool and influential he is!! Crimson Celluloid: Ted, in […]


ORDER DVD “Horror-comedy” is a genre that I have spent most of my adult life avoiding, in terms of entertainment value I put those combined terms in the same category as “cheese-grater” and “testicles”. But I must say that Euro director James Huth straddles both genres with aplomb and style. The titular phone is just […]