Crimson Celluloid: I guess the most obvious way to start this interview is to find out what you have been doing for the past few years? We haven’t seen much mention of you and, frankly, were concerned that you may have died. Nick Zedd: You wish. Learn to use aRead More →

  Crimson Celluloid: There’s a quote that I think of when I think of you Gene… “I suffer for my art, now it’s YOUR turn”. How much does suffering and adversity play a part in your creative process? Gene Gregorits: It’s NOT the suffering necessarily, it’s the wisdom you acquireRead More →

A woman born with seven clits. A man with a detachable penis that goes on a rape spree…no, its not Woody Allen’s latest…its the (semi) triumphant return of genre favourite Frank Henenlotter. Like most Love & Pop readers (well, the older ones anyway) I first encountered the legend of Frank Henenlotter through the pagesRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: The obvious first question is how does a nice American girl like you end up in Germany filming what will quite possibly become one of the most infamous horror films of the decade? Ashlynn Yennie: First of all…how do you know I am nice? ahaha… kidding… I amRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: Starting with a predictable and clichéd question, can you cite which filmmakers have had the greatest influence on you and what was the impetus behind your getting into filmmaking? Patrick: I got into filmmaking from racing motorcycles in the mid 60s, crashing breaking both collarbones then my nose.Read More →

Crimson Celluloid: Firstly, for the uninitiated can you give a bit of background information about yourself. Gina La Piana: I’m from Brooklyn, NY but was raised by my father in Corona, CA. I had a challenging upbringing and found myself drawn to music and acting because it was my wayRead More →

  Crimson Celluloid: One of your very earliest films was One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, was it intimidating working alongside Jack Nicholson that early in your career? Michael Berryman: Cuckoo’s Nest was my 2nd day working as an actor and when I wrapped, it was day 127. Needless to say, I wasRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: For the uninitiated, can you give a description of your book Low Budget Hell Making Underground Movies with John Waters? Robert Maier: The book tells the story of my working for fifteen years with John Waters on five of his low budget films, plus many other adventures thatRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: Human Centipede must be one of the most original ideas to grace a movie screen for quite some time, how did the idea come to you? Tom Six: The idea came from a sick joke I made watching a child molester on TV. I said they should stitch his mouthRead More →

To read the first part of the interview click here Crimson Celluloid: As with everything you do your Gigantic Book of Sex is meticulously researched and thoroughly entertaining. Are you happy with the end result? Is there anything you now don’t know about sex? Jim Goad: I definitely don’t know why men areRead More →