When a movie has two directors to start with and then a third credited with “completion footage” you know things are not going to run smooth. Eyes Of The Woods seems to have been a short flick with incredibly bad acting but a great monster that was then expanded intoRead More →

The TV Interviews (Un)cencored screams the cover and yet the one we all want to see is conspicuous in its absence – or at least in full!  There’s snippets of it here and there, hell it even plays in the background at one point during one of the reunion pressRead More →

ORDER DVD With a title like that and a deliberately faded, washed out look that is reminiscent of some recently discovered grindhouse gem this is a film that is going to leave some people very disappointed. You see this is essentially an art film disguised as horror, or maybe it’sRead More →

ORDER DVD Low budget, direct to video (sorry, direct to DVD) slasher flick that apparently is part of the Camp Blood franchise but not really – especially as it is also known as Camp Blood 3 but there are already three films in the trilogy! Don’t let facts get inRead More →

In a little Mexican village radiation is poisoning the water and American scientist Dr. Torres is there trying to solve the mysteries of the deep, or at least the lake. Mysteries like why does his voice not match his lips, why is it so dark all the time and whyRead More →

ORDER DVD 50s B-Grade monster/eco-disaster movie “The Giant Gila Monster” is rebooted in this loving tribute from B-Grade King of Schlock director Jim Wynorski (Not Of This Earth, Sorority House Massacre II, Hard To Die, Ghoulies IV, House On Hooter Hill… the list goes on!)Read More →

ORDER DVD From the fertile mind of director Julien Temple (The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle, The Filth And The Fury etc etc) comes this potted history of old London town.  Starting at the beginning of the 20th Century and charting the history of London and England through the peacefulRead More →

ORDER DVD He may be viewed as an icon of the 20th century now but back in the 1960s Muhammad Ali was seen as anything but. In fact he was a man whose religious beliefs and convictions, whose stance on the Vietnam War, whose very refusal to be a “quiet”Read More →

ORDER DVD This “follow up” to the 70’s iconic film Pumping Iron follows the paths taken by eight body builders as they prepare for the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition, the premiere event on the bodybuilding calendar. Director Vlad Yudin probably couldn’t have hoped for a better cast – with defendingRead More →

ORDER DVD A low budget entry into the comedy horror stakes, this is part of a continuing series of flicks starring Caesar and Otto, all of which take a stab at the horror genre but with genuine love and understanding. With Deadly Xmas they’ve dragged in (or dusted off) LinneaRead More →

ORDER DVD Sean Weathers is a New York film maker, raconteur and podcast presenter with balls the size of grapefruits. I mean, he’s ‘presenting’ this collection, he directs and stars in one short film, he, along with cohort Aswad Issa, introduce two other classic b-grade films and he ‘stars’ inRead More →