One of the best films to come from the fertile mind of cult Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci (Zombie Flesh Eaters, The Beyond, New York Ripper), A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin is also one of the prime examples of a classic giallo thriller (a genre of Italian cinema named after the popularRead More →

Thanks to the rise in popularity of rap music in the 1980s, along with films like Boyz ‘N The Hood, Colors and Menace II Society, the life of the South Central L.A. gangster has become romanticised and glamorised in the minds of many, mostly by people who have little understanding of the types ofRead More →

Throughout the 1930s and 40s, a middle-aged woman from Chicago named Frances Glessner Lee made a significant contribution to the evolution of police forensics by creating the Nutshell Studies, a series of 20 hand-crafted and meticulously detailed dolls house dioramas which depicted violent crime scenes, and were used as trainingRead More →

Originally published in 1938, Graham Greene’s novel Brighton Rock was a seminal and highly influential crime thriller, having been adapted into a play (1944), a film (1947), a radio drama (1997) and even a (short lived) 2004 musical produced for the London stage. Taking its name from the hard confectioneryRead More →

Initially produced in response to a need for new product to broadcast in the wake of the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike, when John Langley’s Cops debuted on American televisions in March of 1989, its camcorder aesthetics and cinema verite feel established a distinct style and signaled the arrivalRead More →