AD/BC: A Rock Opera is a rock opera about the birth of Jesus Christ told from the point of view of the innkeeper. It is essentially a purposely low-budget 30 minute parody of other rock operas, most notably Jesus Christ Superstar.Read More →

The Girl Can’t Help It is the ultimate over-the-top Hollywood rock ‘n’ roll movie and is a glorious film that Divine and John Waters watched religiously. Apparently even those horrid Beatles were highly influenced by the film. The movie opens in black and white with Tom Miller explaining that the filmRead More →

Pickup on South Street follows two FBI agents who are watching a young woman named Candy on the Subway, for what reason we are unaware of. Enter Skip McCoy, a cannon (pickpocket) on his third strike who has just been released from jail, (one more strike and he gets life.)Read More →

I haven’t read any reviews for Bad Santa 2 but my gut instinct is that people hate it. I loved it. But maybe I should disclose that I loved Cop Out. I read nothing about it, saw it at the cinema, came home to read reviews and was shocked thatRead More →

The Blood Shed is a horror-comedy about a hillbilly/cannibal family from New Jersey called the Bullions. Beefteena Bullion (director Alan Rowe Kelly) is turning 12, and her family are organising a birthday party for her. Beefteena is really an overweight old man, with Shirley Temple curls, Mary-Jane shoes, and a fashionRead More →

Exercise is pretty low on the list of priorities in my life. The only exercise DVDs I really enjoyed were Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout and Warm up to Traci Lords. I know Jane Fonda was a bit of an exercise guru in the 80s and when this set arrived in theRead More →