Back in Time

back-in-time“Woooa this is heavy Doc!”

Did you know it’s been over 30 years since Back to the Future was first released? Well I didn’t!

Maybe because it makes me feel old, and maybe because Back to the Future is one of those rare movies that will never age! It’s also one of those movies that no matter how old you are you can always relate and fall in love with the story behind Marty Mcfly, Doc Brown and the time traveling DeLorean.

So put your Red puffer vest on again, chuck on those self-lacing Nike’s, jump back in the DeLorean and gun it to 88 because “Back in Time” is a documentary based on success of (in my opinion), one of the best time traveling movies of all time, Back to the Future.

This is a welcomed blast from the past and look back at everything BTTF, so if you haven’t seen it you’re an idiot. Go watch watch it or buy it.

This documentary is packed with so much nostalgia from the original film and is loaded with brand new interviews, unseen footage, and fan clubs where you get to see homemade DeLorean and music from “The flux capacitors” the BTTF themed cover’s band.

This documentary is the perfect companion for every BTTF geek out there.

Does this movie have any replay value?

I would happily watch this documentary again, and re-watch with friends or family.

Who would I recommend this documentary to?

I can’t fault this documentary or find anything wrong with it, it’s a must see for all the BTTF fans’ out there so I would recommend it to anyone, hell, everyone.

Do you feel invested in the characters and the story?

Back in Time does a great job reflecting on the entire story behind the success of BTTF.

The documentary starts with interviews from writer/director Robert Zemekis and co writer Bob Gale and tells us the story of how they created the characters, and how they almost didn’t film BTTF.

I was surprised to find that Eric Stoltz was originally cast to play Marty Mcfly, he had filmed practically half the film, but was later replaced for Michael J. Fox and the rest is history.

I was 100% invested in the story and even cared about all the various people and fan’s who have been influenced by the movie.

What was the music/score like?

The opening scene had me man, I heard the soft acoustic rendition of the original BTTF theme and I was sold buddy, the rest of the documentary was very much the same and I enjoyed every. Damn. Moment of it!

Did the story have a resolve or end message?

Just that there are people who still get as excited as me to watch the movie and geek out on all the facts and hear the stories.

If anything, it just reminded me how stupid Parkinson’s disease is. Fuck Parkinson’s! Give Michael J. Fox his life back, he didn’t do anything to you man.

Final thoughts

Awesome documentary loved every moment of it and would happily watch again after I binge watch all 3 original movies hung over on a Sunday afternoon.

Rating – 7/10

Back in Time is available on DVD from MVD Visual.

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