Caesar & Otto’s Paranormal Halloween

paranormal-halloweenAnother entry into the continuing series of flicks starring failed actor Caesar (director/writer Dave Campfield) and his half brother Otto (Paul Chomicki), all of which take a stab at the horror genre but with genuine love and understanding.

Having tackled Friday 13th and its ilk with Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre and Silent Night Bloody Night and satanic flicks with Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas the latest installment takes a shot at everything from Halloween to Conjuring, Poltergeist, The Shining, Paranormal Activity, Reality TV and more.

Our story kicks off with a homeless Caesar dressed as a woman so he can get babysitting jobs. When psycho babysitter murderer Michael Myles escapes from an asylum and comes a callin’ things look grim but luckily dad arrives, accidentally running over Michael and earning the keys to the city. The boys and dad are rewarded by Governor Jerry with a job house sitting the governor’s summer residence. A house which just happens to be built on an Indian burial ground and that has a history of murder and mayhem. Inspired by his surroundings, Caesar decides he can write a screenplay hoping to cash in on the goings on in the house (did I mention Amityville Horror?) only to struggle with the whole idea and end up covering the house in pieces of paper saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

The fourth wall is broken down on more than one occasion as they take the piss out of indy film making, reality tv, horror tropes and well, everything they can throw at the wall that sticks!

Meanwhile Otto has discovered that his mum, who he thought was dead, is still very much alive and working at a drive-thru money laundering service nearby while dad has discovered a batch of booze that he’s steadily working his way through. Throw in the Governor’s plans for martial law (including building a wall around California!!), a rogue exorcist, some hot babes next door, a Halloween party that turns into a massacre, that fourth wall being constantly knocked down plus regulars Felissa Rose, Scott Agular, Brinke Stevens, Tiffany Shepis, Ken McFarlane, Deron Miller and the iconic Vernon Wells and you have a very entertaining movie.

This lot obviously love the genre, there’s plenty of piss taking but it’s without vitriol or bad manners, it is with love that they point out the foibles and failures in low budget films and that, well that makes the difference. And how can you fault a movie that includes a Bukowski quote in the end credits?


  • Director’s Commentary
  • Cast & Crew Commentary
  • Blooper Reel
  • Son Of Piggyzilla Trilogy
  • Robert Z’Dar Tribute
  • Bonus Shorts and Videos
  • Trailers

Available on DVD from MVD Visual.

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