Cartoon Network Holiday Collection


Ugh… it’s that time of year again. I wish I could love Christmas like John Waters does but for some reason I just hate the holiday season. I hate Christmas carols, I hate bands outside supermarkets, I hate the decorations and I really, really hate the fact that there’s no mail for six days. I am a total Grinch. I also have a two year old who is going to love Christmas so watching a Christmas themed DVD is a great way to start accepting that I have to get into the spirit and smile and stop being a Grinch.

The Cartoon Network Holiday Collection is essentially a four episode (six including extras) sampler of Cartoon Network shows but shows that young-ins, tweens, teenagers and parents can all watch.

First up is a two part Adventure Time episode called “Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1” and “Holly Jolly Secrets Part II”.  There’s also an episode of Regular Show called “The Christmas Special” and an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball simply called “Christmas”.

And the two bonus episodes: Clarence “Money Broom Wizard” and Steven Universe “Together Breakfast”.

I had already seen the two Adventure Time episodes which my toddler loves, these two episodes had her in fits over BMO playing the Ice King’s tapes in warp speed. I had not previously seen any of the other shows but they were fairly entertaining, but the stand out to me was Clarence, he’s a chubby little boy (visually reminiscent of Louie) with the most awesome voice ever. Just another cool kids show that is down to earth, endearing and not a gross out fest. A show I am definitely keen to check out more of.

It’s kinda on the short size owing to its sampler content but still clocks in at 66 minutes and goes for $14.99 so a good $10 cheaper than a normal single disc release.

A perfect stocking stuffer for your little one or gift for a hard-to-buy-for teenager.


Two bonus episodes: Clarence “Money Broom Wizard” and Steven Universe “Together Breakfast”.

Cartoon Network Holiday Collection is available on DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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