I can’t remember the first time I laid my eyes on Hello Kitty but I have passed my Hello Kitty obsession down to my daughter who has Hello Kitty lego, a bean bag, towels, tea sets, DVDs, clothes and toys. Yes I am buying the stuff I wish I hadRead More →

Gene Gregorits, as proclaimed by Lisa Carver, is “the greatest writer you’ve never head of”. I don’t know how much her Vice article helped him in becoming discovered by its 10-second-attention-span-hipster readership, not much I assume by the well documented struggles of his life as an underground writer.Read More →

AUTHOR: Robert Kirkman | Order Vol. 1 | Order Vol.2 Zombies are a horror trope that have gone through a number of phases in their undead history. Originally, they were very much the subject of pulp from their voodoo origins as unwilling victims brought back from the dead to serve evil masters. Then,Read More →

The Pocket Book of Boosh is exactly the same as the larger (hard covered) Mighty Book of Boosh except it is pocket sized and its hardly even pocket-sized. The only pocket that it fitted in of mine was my German army  parka. The pocket book is also supposed to come with a denimRead More →