Hounds of Love is screening at this year’s NZ Film Festival, book your tickets here. Crimson Celluloid: Prior to making Hounds of Love you’d mainly done short movies and TV work. What knowledge and experience did you bring from these jobs to your first feature film? Ben Young: The principalsRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: Firstly I have to thank you for your contribution to the history of cinema in the guise of Cleopatra Wong. Does it surprise you that all these years later people still feel fondly about the WONG films and are still talking about them? Marrie Lee: Yes it doesRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: As I mentioned to Leoni Leaver when I interviewed her, There’s Something in the Pilliga, was a delightful discovery. I didn’t know much about it but was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. How long was the process between writing the film and delivering the final product?Read More →

I grew up in the 90s amid boy band fever. Every girl had magazines where they could get posters of their favourite groups and learn all about their favourite singer’s favourite flavour of ice-cream. I never had that luxury because I liked heavy metal and Dolly and TV Hits didn’tRead More →

I must admit I wasn’t expecting much. But being an avid supporter of Aussie genre films, I felt it was my duty to give the DVD There’s Something in the Pilliga a chance. Thankfully any preconceived notions I had about ANOTHER “found footage” film weren’t realized and I was most pleasantlyRead More →

Lee Gambin is a Melbourne-based writer and film journalist, whose words have appeared regularly within the pages of the long-running horror film magazine Fangoria (for whom he has interviewed a wide range of genre personalities). Gambin has alsowritten liner notes for such prestige blu-ray releases as Squirm (Arrow Films), presents filmRead More →

A brief glance at Rosie day’s credits will reveal The Seasoning House nestled comfortably between much TV work. It was a bold move to take the lead role of Angel in such a blisteringly effective movie, especially considering Rosie was a mere 17 at the time of filming. Much like Australia’sRead More →

Venturing into your local DVD shop is often a mission that results in frustration and wasted time. More often than not I leave either empty-handed or with a film I’ve seen before. I don’t want to risk two hours of my time that results in a film not worthy ofRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: From conception, gestation to birth…it’s been a long wait for INNER DEMON. Have there been times when you’ve been sick of the sight of it and dying to move onto something else? Ursula Dabrowsky: It took two and a half years from go to woe which isn’t thatRead More →

Ted A. Bohus is a legend, no two ways about it. He’s worked in the horror and exploitation genres as a director, actor, writer and producer. It’s for the latter credit as producer he’s most known for, especially in conjunction with the great horror film The Deadly Spawn. Readers ofRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: For the uninitiated what can you tell us about The Pit? Matthew Gunnoe: The Pit is about three vacationing hot chicks that become lost in the Florida swamplands. In doing so, they become captured by a family of insane meth-runners and a government agency that wishes to conductRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: What was your initial reaction when approached to do Welcome to the Jungle? How does a nice girl from Sydney end up in a film where she gets eaten by cannibals? Veronica Sywack: I auditioned like everyone else. The screen-test was interesting – no script – just aRead More →