Crimson Celluloid: One of your very earliest films was One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, was it intimidating working alongside Jack Nicholson that early in your career? Michael Berryman: Cuckoo’s Nest was my 2nd day working as an actor and when I wrapped, it was day 127. Needless to say, I wasRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: For the uninitiated, can you give a description of your book Low Budget Hell Making Underground Movies with John Waters? Robert Maier: The book tells the story of my working for fifteen years with John Waters on five of his low budget films, plus many other adventures thatRead More →

Crimson Celluloid: Human Centipede must be one of the most original ideas to grace a movie screen for quite some time, how did the idea come to you? Tom Six: The idea came from a sick joke I made watching a child molester on TV. I said they should stitch his mouthRead More →

Read the review for Slasher House here. Matt: Slasher House is an incredible achievement on a budget that could generously be described as “shoestring”. How the hell did you pull it off for such little cash? MJ Dixon: In all honesty it was written as a low budget Hollywood production,Read More →

To read the first part of the interview click here Crimson Celluloid: As with everything you do your Gigantic Book of Sex is meticulously researched and thoroughly entertaining. Are you happy with the end result? Is there anything you now don’t know about sex? Jim Goad: I definitely don’t know why men areRead More →

Some of you might know Nocturno Culto from his Darkthrone fame, but today I received a pleasant email with the replies to my questions on his film The Misanthrope. If you haven’t watched, rented, downloaded or stolen this film then do yourself a favour and get a copy now. The NakedRead More →

Right now ‘Grindhouse’ fever is on the rampage, (Rodriguez/Tarantino’s “Grindhouse”), so who better to interview than 42nd Street Pete, the most well known Grindhouse aficionado/historian around. For those of you who think ‘Grindhouse’ is a film, I’m hoping that by the end of this interview that you will be psychedRead More →