The critically acclaimed independent horror feature film ‘HONEYSPIDER,’ and winner of “Best Horror” at the 2015 Mad Monster Film Festival, hits shelves just in time for Halloween on OCTOBER 6TH. You can pre-order the DVD now on HONEYSPIDER has teamed up with Vultra Video to release the film onRead More →

It’s official, Madman is my favourite DVD company. Ever. Criterion is too conneisuer and overpriced, Umbrella have ugly cover art and don’t know how to spell check and Madman never let me down. Arthouse releases, documentaries and horror not to mention releasing those out of print/forgotten about gems.  I declaredRead More →

Finally I can part with my original Criterion edition of this DVD that has a photocopied cover (asshole on Trademe!). More importantly and finally a Region 4 copy and  a Blu-Ray copy. Yes, I know Criterion re-released it and the BFI did on Blu-ray  too but I ain’t spending a week’s worth ofRead More →