DVD Giveaway: Kill Team [CLOSED]

DVD Giveaway: Kill Team [CLOSED]

KillteamThanks to Madman Entertainment we have ONE copy of KILL TEAM to giveaway. To be in to win leave a meaningful comment (not “I want to win this”) here or on the KILL TEAM review. Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted via email. Comments must be received by 11pm 31st January 2015. Open to New Zealand residents only.  Winner of this DVD is Stacey.

Follow orders. Don’t say a word.

Equal parts infuriating and illuminating, THE KILL TEAM looks at the devastating moral tensions that tear at soldiers’ psyches through the lens of one highly personal and emotional story.

Specialist Adam Winfield was a 21-year-old soldier in Afghanistan when he attempted with the help of his father to alert the military to heinous war crimes his platoon was committing. But Winfield’s pleas went unheeded. Left on his own and with threats to his life, Specialist Winfield was himself drawn into the moral abyss, forced to make a split-second decision that would change his life forever.


  1. A very timely story from the Afghanistan theatre as the official war comes to a close it will be interesting to hear the stories from behind the scenes; very sad that so many have been lost and maimed and within 2 years it will probably be as though the west had never been in to assist…..

  2. Looks like a fascinating look into the moral ambiguity of the ‘war on terror’.

  3. I saw the trailer to this movie a few weeks ago and knew immediately that I have to watch it even though it will make me angry and sad.

  4. This looks like such a heartfelt movie.

  5. When I was a kid I asked my Grandfather why he had gone to war. (He was a pilot. and a devout Christian who was very kind and non violent.) He rarely spoke about the war but replied he wanted his children and grandchildren and New Zealand and the world to be a good place not ruled by an evil man. His face was so sad and it wasnt till I was teen and did history on WW1 and WW2 that I realized how many brave people fought so hard for us all to be free and enjoy what we have today. I would like to win this for hubby as he enjoys these type of movies. I cry too much lol and leave him to enjoy them while I read a book beside him on the couch.

  6. I love all things about war very interesting nad makes me grateful to live in these times not back then love to review this thank you

  7. I have heard a lot about this film from a good friend and in his eyes it is well worth a watch.

  8. I like that this highlights the fact that who we are led to believe the ‘good guys’ are, aren’t necessarily so good. Both sides should stop fighting! My husband would really enjoy this as well

  9. A “meaningful” comment, as required.

  10. Reviews have revealed this is a movie about real issues shot in a really gritty way. My Dad was a petty officer in the NZ Navy in WW!! and what he saw and experienced changed him forever. They didn’t have help for these issues back in those days and the damage sustained to his psyche was outworked on his wife and family and we often didn’t understand. Good movie about a real issue – good viewing by the looks of it.

  11. This is a story that needs to be told and highlight the brutality of war.

  12. This film is a lesson to all – war is no excuse to abuse human rights.

  13. This is a film that should get people talking and raises many a discussion.

  14. We don’t know what goes on in the minds of those in control- good side or bad. Being in the Army requires a lot from a person – mental, physical andit seems self sacrifice. This will be a sad movie by the looks of it but one that brings out these sacrifices.

  15. Wow. A blurring of lines between right/wrong, blaming the “little guy” and the power hierarchy and gang mentality that often exist in these kinds of military environments.

  16. We are so lucky to live in New Zealand and not have to worry about war like this movie pictates….definitely a movie worth watching

  17. Nice to see a war film looking at it from a soldiers perspective

  18. This looks like a really poignant movie and well worth seeing.

  19. wow this is intense, i’m not sure what i would do if i was in their shoes.

  20. Having lived, and worked, in Israel during one of the Lebanon Wars and seeing the changes (sometimes disturbing) in attitudes and social interactions of the returning soldiers, I would be interested to view ‘The Kill Team’ and compare it with the stories that I heard from another modern day war-zone.

  21. I’d love to hear the behind the scenes stories from the soldiers

  22. One cannot comprehend the feelings and emotions that have been put into this movie, Adams motives and thoughts are beyond us all watching this unless you have been through that period in life or walked in the same boots as this young man has we can only imagine the traumatising affects of what goes on. So many stories, so many young men to tell them, so many young people not here to tell their story makes the mind work overtime the mixed feelings about this movie gives me goose pimples. Should history repeat itself so we can compare war stories I really hope not.

    The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst. ~Henry Fosdick

  23. Seems like a hard movie to watch. But with a story that needed to be told. War is so difficult to understand. Why as human beings do we allow such atrocities to happen to other human beings. At times we are no better than animals, or even more animalistic. Looks like a very thought provoking movie.

  24. Oooo this looks like it will be super intense!!!

  25. This looks like an important story that needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

  26. Seems like a very thought provoking film, done very well

  27. This movie looks like an extremely interesting and emotionally moving movie to watch. Would love to be able to own a copy so I can watch several times to pick up all the thoughts and lessons that the characters are trying to tell in this story

  28. That is a really shocking story line! I would love to see it . Thanks for sharing.

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