Generation Iron

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This “follow up” to the 70’s iconic film Pumping Iron follows the paths taken by eight body builders as they prepare for the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition, the premiere event on the bodybuilding calendar.

Director Vlad Yudin probably couldn’t have hoped for a better cast – with defending champ Phil “The Gift” Heath, number one competitor Kai “The Predator” Greene, old school iron pumper Branch Warren, the scientific lab rat Ben Pakulski, fresh out of prison Victor Martinez, German “Arnie” wannabe Dennis Wolf (yes, he wants to act as well!), Japan’s Hidetada Yamagishi and European newbie Roelly Winklaar along with his fiery trainer Sibil “grandma” Peeters offering quite different approaches and opinions on the sport. If indeed you consider it a sport. Whatever professional body building is though, it is compelling.

Kai Greene is a former juvenile delinquent whose discovery of both body building and art (and let me tell you he’s pretty damn good at both) saved him from the streets, Yamagishi is trying to prove that though he comes from a culture not known for being big or having muscle he can match it with the big boys, Heath is just starting what he hopes will be his run of stardom, following in the footsteps of the modern greats like Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler while Martinez having just spent 6 months in prison is just struggling to find his way back. Then there’s the Branch Warren/Ben Pakulski storyline with Branch favouring old school heavy weights, heavy training and solid sweat whilst Ben is monitored, wired up, poked and prodded by a crew of scientists trying to get the maximum effort out of him with no wastage of time or energy in “unproductive” areas.

Like I said, Yudin has quite a cast of characters to play with and he probably never expected such a contrasting nor close competition as he witnessed in the end. I won’t give it away (that’s what google is for) but this is a great look at the dedication, the failures, the injuries, the limits that can be pushed, the work that these men do, the pain they are willing to go through to create a human sculpture. Sure some people don’t like it at all but that’s their problem not these men, they live for this, they thrive on it and Yudin has given us a taste of just what it’s like and why they do it. In the end this is a worthy follow up to Pumping Iron and yes, Arnie does make an appearance.

Extra Features:

  • The Making Of Generation Iron
  • Interview With Lou Ferrigno
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailer

Director: Vlad Yudin / USA/ 2013/ Madman/ 103 Mins/ 16:9/ Region 4 PAL/

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