Hillbilly Horror Show Vol. 1

hillbillyhshowA homage to the days of Tales From the Crypt and b-grade horror hosts, Hillbilly Horror Show has our trailer trash hosts, Bo, Cephus and cousin Lulu (Bo Keister, Scott Geiter & Rachel Faulkner respectively) playing up the redneck stereotypes in their camper trailer whilst offering 4 short horror flicks for your viewing pleasure.

There’s maybe a little too much of them (except for Lulu, you can never get too much of her!) but the films make it worth your while. Kicking off with Franky And The Ant (D: Billy Hayes) a short, sharp story of revenge and a jealous husband with a sweet moment or two of “whoa, didn’t see that coming”, we then have Doppelganger, (Theo Stephanski) a very short short that is a tribute to the glory days of Harryhausen with REAL stop motion skeletons doing what they do best. Makes an old man’s heart flutter. Our third film has a real 70’s look to it, like a lost vhs tape discovered in the back of the cupboard.  Amused (Cuyle Carvin) is the story of one woman stumbling in on a murder and then having to flee the deranged killer. The tension builds nicely as she hides from the killer, eventually escaping to the next house only to discover he wasn’t alone! A nice twist and like I said, a great 70s feel to it all.

And now onto our main feature – The Nest (D: Tim Zwica) At around half hour this is the pick of the bunch.  Eleanore makes award winning honey which she sells from her country town diner.  What no one realizes is that her bees are fed a ‘special’ diet.  It’s no secret to us, the viewer but the locals don’t know about it.  Along with her halfwit mute son she keeps her mutant giant killer bees fed with strays, drunks, runaways and goth chicks who shoplift but when local rancher Hank and government inspector Ray join forces to find out what’s been attacking the local livestock well let’s just say things get messy.  And yes I did say giant killer bees but that should say low budget CGI giant killer flesh eating bees!!  Now we’re talkin’.  This is great fun and at half hour it’s just right.  I’m not a big fan of CGI but in this case, I’ll forgive Tim because hell the real thing would have taken ages to train and it’s still low budget so it’s all good.

An interesting idea and a great way to show short films, Hillbilly Horror Show Vol 2 and 3 are not far behind.  Grab ‘em, enjoy ‘em and tell the boys we want more of Lulu!

Hillbilly Horror Show Vol. 1 is available on R0 DVD from MVD Visual.

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