In the Sign of the Taurus

Pull out the anti-depressants and crank up the tolerance level to 10, it’s Werner Hedman time again.

This time the film is set in the raunchy 1920s. Count Von Lieberhaus is the kindly benefactor to a town full of nubile girls. In return for tolerating his constant perving on them he doesn’t charge anyone tax and all is fine in the world. Tragically on one of his jaunts he suffers a stroke and later passes away. Gather the clichéd hall of fame to attend the will-reading. There’s the greedy mayor, the smug accountants and, my personal favourite, the alcoholic pastor (picture a heavily overweight Budd Tingwell in a BAD wig and you’re there), all out to grab a share of the late Count’s fortune.

This being a Hedman film, where reality is second only to bad acting, the reading of the will doesn’t go quite as planned. He sets aside money for his luscious female servants but the rub comes when he allocates the rest of his vast fortune. The rest of the money is bequeathed to “the first child born out of wedlock in the sign of Taurus” (damn, I thought I was the only one to put that codicil in my will!!) with the added clause that if a child is born anytime in another following zodiac sign the money will be forfeited and go to, wait for it, “the association for protection of homeless kittens”!! Ironically, the Taurus cycle will begin in exactly 9 months and 14 days after the reading of the will and the race is now on by the town’s fathers to sire a child and keep the news from the rest of the populace. Thereby keeping all the money for themselves.

This film reveals many of Hedman’s usual obsessions including a dance number that could have been taken from Ted V. Mikels’ Girl in the Gold Boots or Orgy of the Dead and also another glory hole sequence. Combine period costumes, glory holes, musical numbers, a scene of a young man sucking himself off and it’s not too much of a stretch to draw the conclusion that Hedman was a closet-case. That’s probably why the hetero sex scenes in his films were always given short shrift, he was probably eagerly anticipating his new choreography making it to the screen and busy sucking the toes of young male production assistants. The film did include a facial money-shot, the rarest of all birds in a Hedman film it seems, but that’s hardly a reason to rent it.

For Hedman completists this is one of his better films. Not much slapstick and some good raunch.

Available on DVD from MVD Visual.

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