Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy

IsisPre credits we discover that in ancient Egypt, Osiris and his hotty wife Isis (played by porn star Priya Rai) ruled the land.

All good except for Osiris’ bro Set, who is jealous of the couple and kills Osiris then chops him up so that Isis can’t use black magic to revive the corpse.

Roll the opening credits and bring us up to the modern day where the usual suspects – the meathead jock, the stoner, the nerds, the hot blonde, the professor, the security guard and the visiting archaeologist show up and are put in a museum overnight where they are researching some ancient artifacts and of course uncover the hieroglyphic spell that revives Isis.

There are some nice twists to the characters, the nerdy gal has a thing going on with the professor for a start but overall it is the same ol’ same ol’ but then that’s what we pay for ain’t it? And to be fair, this lot can, for the main part, act which in itself is a nice change. The big problem though is that in an effort to provide some character development and to build them up the movie is bogged down and too slow for the average horror fan. Which is an odd thing to say I know considering how often characters are there just to be killed but sometimes a little goes a long way and the very slow and steady decimation of our ‘heroes’ as Isis sets about putting Osiris back together piece by piece does get a little grating at times.

There’s also the problem of special fx. These days everyone seems to be relying on digital fx and I don’t care what people say, digital sucks!!! Big budget or small budget, it ain’t no replacement for the latex and goo and ingenuity of the old days and in fact the digital fx this time around are jarring and in my opinion (and that is all it is after all) really ruin the film. Pity because there’s a lot of potential here, some great lines and some good ideas but the film just doesn’t quite live up to its potential. Oh and in case you were wondering, Priya keeps her kit on!! I mean, what the hell? No boobs and no spraying of fake blood, what is wrong here people? Very disappointing.

That said I must also point out that this was director Lisa Palenica’s first feature film and she helped write and produce the film as well as starring in it and from what I’ve read online she basically jumped in at the deep end after initially signing on just as an actress. So I can’t be too harsh, she is definitely going to be a name to watch in the future. As soon as she realizes we don’t care about character development, we want boobs and we want blood!

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