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Jamie-Oliver-Box-setShocks’s Jamie Oliver Box Set consists of eight DVDs of two different Jamie Oliver series. The run-time of the set is 1052 minutes. Each season consists of four discs. There’s Save With Jamie Series One and Two, which I reviewed a few months back in-depth here, and  Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Series One and Two.

Save With Jamie –  read full review here.

A quick rundown – With most of these recipes you essentially have to spend money to save money (eg. buy one big chicken as opposed to a pack of pies) but he does make the dishes go a long way by providing one really good main serve and then creating leftover meals. The good focus of this series is that the meals are of good quality and will keep you full and deliver nutrients as opposed to buying cheap items such as pies and sausage rolls which are stuffed full of additives and preservatives. There’s also tips on reducing wastage etc.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

Jamie and his childhood friend Jimmy Doherty have opened up a pop-up cafe in Essex, located at the end of the Southend Pier, which holds the title of being the world’s longest pleasure pier clocking in at  1.34 miles/2.16 km. Jamie and Jimmy find the best of British food and compare it to the specialties and delicacies of other European countries. There’s also cooking and food being served at the cafe as well as celebrity appearances.

Season One guests include: Usain Bolt, Sienna Miller, Amanda Holden, Kirsty Allsopp, Chris Moyles, Jennifer Saunders & Dexter Fletcher.

Season Two guests include: Kate Hudson, Tinie Tempah, Hugh Bonneville, Ellie Goulding, Michael Sheen, and Paloma Faith.

Season Three’s first episode aired on 01/01/2016 and the first guest was Orlando Bloom.

The show is a bit disheveled. It tries to be too many things at once and I wasn’t exactly taken with it as it kind of came off a bit err, low-brow.  The main thread throughout the show and hence the name “Food Fight Club” is  that countries compete with food: France (cheese), Germany (sausages), Italy (desserts) etc. Basically they try to show that British food has come a long way and does not consist of just pub food and cucumber sandwiches.

In a way its like a bizarre road-trip/contest/factoid/lad show.  It’s not really a cooking show with recipes, it’s just the lads hanging out and having a good time. I think this show would appeal to both a husband and a wife. It’s not a straight cooking show, it blends elements of various other reality series into a cooking show. There’s the science behind the food, competition, celebrity appearances – a bit of this and a bit of that. I wasn’t a huge fan of this series but it’s a fun watch even if it is a departure from what I am used to. Some of the humour is a bit naff and at times a bit crude, but at least they are having fun while they are doing the show. I am not a huge fan of reality tv shows so the elements of it that it used to appeal to a broader audience kind of irked me a bit.

A must have for Oliver fans and it works out cheaper to buy this pack (RRP $49.99), while Save With… is $39.99. There’s also a book Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less.

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