Jane Fonda Triple Pack

Exercise is pretty low on the list of priorities in my life. The only exercise DVDs I really enjoyed were Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout and Warm up to Traci Lords. I know Jane Fonda was a bit of an exercise guru in the 80s and when this set arrived in the mail I thought I should give it a go.

I put if off for a week, but while sitting on the couch after eating a dinner of nachos and feeling bad about it I popped the DVD in. I didn’t really think about Jane Fonda being older and that this was going to be a workout more suitable for a geriatric, but these bitches bring it. The set is a triple pack with three different workouts with a run time of 3 hours.

Firm & Burn

A 43 minute workout consisting of a five minute warm-up, a 13 minute dance workout to doo-wop, 10 minutes of Latin mambo and cha-cha-cha-ing before the 12 minute ‘old school funk’ section where Jane has moves such as “Saturday Night Fever” and “Pulp Fiction”. The workout finishes with an 8 minute cool down. At first I was laughing at some of the coaching lines and facts about old people falling over and how certain things would help with cognitive function and arthritis, but for an unfit mum this workout had me embarrassed that an old lady who looked like Betty White  was holding out longer than I could.

An extra on this disc is a 23 minute meditation with Jane.

Trim Tone & Flex

This is an upper and lower body workout. The upper body workout is 23 minutes and lower body is 18 minutes. The upper body workout consists of moves done on a chair, with weights and a towel. This workout again was riddled with exercises targeted to help elderly people regain muscle to help with balance and help arthritis. I am quite unfit when it comes to cardio but the one exercise I do apart from walk everywhere is weights and squats so I didn’t find this section too challenging.

Also included as an extra is the 23 minute meditation.

Walk Out

There’s two levels. Level One and Level Two. They both consist of walking in place doing knee lifts and using your arms, there’s some parts where she uses a chair for stability. Level Two is just a higher intensity work out.

An extra is a segment on  kegel exercise due to incontinence and other such lovely things we have to look forward to.

Jane provides good commentary on the benefits of exercise and has me stashing away facts for when I hit my 60s. She has an incredible body and a lot of energy for a 70 year old which is refreshing to see. I would much rather try and keep active than turn into Quasimodo.

I’m keen to check out some of her earlier more uh, sprightly workouts and I did enjoy her persona. She’s not this goofy high-energy bimbo but more of a matronly mother who is telling you to clean you room, she encourages, but never panders.

If you’re an elder yourself or want to get grandma moving then I’m sure the live music will remind her of sock-hops and get her bones up and rattling. If you are incredibly unfit or are a busy mum then something low-energy like this is a great place to start.

Available on DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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