Jennifer’s Body

I’ll just put it out there and say that I wasn’t expecting much from Jennifer’s Body. I hated Juno sooo much. It was a self-indulgent and awkwardly scripted film. I was expecting Jennifer’s body to be similar in terms of having an annoyingly quirky script or full of “I’m so cool because I know about this (insert band, artist, film)” blah blah blah pop references. It wasn’t anything like Juno which is great.

Anita “Needy” Lesnicki (Amanda Seyfried) is an insecure and to be honest a total Plain Jane who happens to be best friends with the most smokin’ girl in school – Jennifer (Megan Fox). They attend high school in the small town aptly named Devil’s Kettle (I won’t tell you why). One night Jennifer’s favourite indie band plays a gig and she takes Needy along. Jennifer isn’t really there to see the band, she just wants to hook up with the lead singer. The gig doesn’t go too well and things take a supernatural turn as Jennifer leaves with the band, who take her into the forest and…well, from here on it gets interesting.

It’s not a pure horror film, but it’s not really a horror-comedy either. It’s part chick flick, part horror and part teen sex comedy. It is precisely this indecisiveness to commit to a genre that prevents it from being a great film. It is funny in places and does portray and explore female relationships pretty well. I am sure most people have had a friend who hasn’t treated them the best, and dealt with their bullshit purely because of the acceptance, status or reputation their friend generated for them. But sorry Diablo Cody, I am not buying this female empowerment bullshit at all. Having a nonchalant attitude to being a whore and having a sexy pout and great hair isn’t all that empowering, just as the geeky girl having a semi-decent boyfriend who rejects the hot girl isn’t believable. The film falls into some heavy clichés but carries them out in an earnest way that whilst isn’t too believable, is nice. Oh and don’t expect “gore galore” there is some but it’s not very gross or plentiful.

It’s a great popcorn flick full of some fun scenes and witty dialogue and great performances by the leading ladies, but ultimately it’s going to be a love or hate film for most people. It’s a film that I think will go down very well with females, but if you like Diablo Cody’s hip, pop culture-filled writing then you’ll get a kick out of Jennifer’s Body but for horror enthusiasts I’d recommend renting it first.

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