Little House on the Prairie Season Five


In season five the Ingalls move from Walnut Grove to Winoka where Mary teaches at a school for the blind. Charles and Caroline are now managing the Dakota Hotel to make ends meet. The Ingalls end up taking in an orphan named Albert who causes a bit of friction between Laura and her Pa as she feels left out. Fear not, the family return to Walnut Grove to find it neglected and try and restore it to its former glory.

I’ve recently watched the first two seasons so there was a bit of a jump here but the kids are much older and dealing with a lot more mature themes such as striking out on their own, Mary gets married and Laura struggles with the new addition to the family.

Some find the introduction of Albert to be contentious. I feel it was a good move. With Mary out of the way there needed to be a new character. Charles always wanted a son and it freshens up the show and adds a bit of depth.

And lets not forget those nasty Olesons. Plenty of great scenes of Nellie being a total cow as always and in one great scene where she teases Laura about her “new brother” Laura punches her in the face. But Laura redeems herself and comes to accept her “new brother”.

In a way watching the show was kind of depressing, the kids are so thoughtful and kind and have morals and values. I hate to be one those “I wish we were back in the “50s/60s/whatever”, but it really is depressing when you watch stuff like this and then hang out with a 15 year old and they can’t look away from their phone for one second. I know there’s a certain phoniness to the show, things would have been a lot more dog-eat-dog back then, but it still holds up as charming despite lots of sacchrine moments. Maybe it’s just being a new-ish mum, I like sentimental shit more. I spent 10 yeas watching soul-crushing and depressing movies and now I have a kid I want corny and charming.

I loved this show when I was a kid so it was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me and simply a must have. I hope my kid enjoys it when she’s older as there’s not much in the way of content for 5-12 year old girls that teaches decency and good morals, well there is My Little Pony.

The set is five discs and all 24 episodes are restored, remastered and uncut. The run time is over 20 hours.


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