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I’m a fan of any books for kids that I can enjoy along with my toddler. Being a fan of artists such as Magritte and Warhol I was stoked when I came across books of their art aimed at toddlers.

Magritte’s Imagination is a 24 page board book so it’s guaranteed to survive rough treatment from inquisitive toddlers. It’s about 15 x 12 cm so is the perfect size for little hands.

I ordered the Warhol book before this one and the Warhol one is far more normal, it doesn’t feature any of his famous works and consists of mostly colorful animals. Why didn’t I just show my kid a Taschen Magritte book you ask? Well it’s not as fun. The sing-song rhyming of the book held my daughter’s attention and made her interested in the pictures.

The text is very succinct and geared towards fun for young readers. The first artwork  is “Time Transfixed” (the train coming out of the fireplace,)  and the text reads “All aboard! Choo! Choo! Where do you think we’ll go…?”.  So a very fun and interactive way to introduce your child to surrealism and imagination.

Works pictured here are: Time Transfixed, The Wedding Breakfast,  The Seducer, The ReturnThe Blank Check, Alice in Wonderland, The Son of ManThe Tomb of WrestlersThe Infinite Recognition, Golconda and The Mysteries of the Horizon. Or in the eyes of a toddler: Choo Choo train, a lion, cloud boat, seagull, horse lady, eyes and noses, apple on a face, a rose, sky men, raining man, goodnight goodnight man.

Magritte’s Imagination is a neat way to expose your kids to some imaginative concepts and start a hopefully lifelong love of art.

Available as board book.

Product Description:

All Aboard! Choo-choo! Where do you think we’ll go…?

Journey through a fantastical land where anything is possible. From trees with faces to men raining from the sky, René Magritte’s delightful artwork is sure to ignite the imaginations of the very youngest readers.

About the Author:

Susan Goldman Rubin grew up in the Bronx and dreamed of becoming an artist. As a young woman, she studied painting and drawing and began to show her work in galleries. Now she lives in Malibu, California, where she writes and teaches writing, and continues to paint.

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