On the Air [Complete Series]

On the Air is director David Lynch’s post-Twin Peaks TV series. With the help of Mark Frost, they created the most whimsical, surreal and down right silly TV show ever. Now, this isn’t a bad thing…but it is soooo over the top that it might piss people off straight from the start but if you handled the jump from the first season seriousness to the silliness of season 2 of Twin Peaks then I think you should enjoy it.

 On the Air is like a collision of Invitation to Love meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets The Dick Van Dyke Show.

On the Air revolves around a live comedy show called ‘The Lester Guy Show’ and is set in 1957. Lester Guy (played by Ian Buchanan aka Dick Tremayne from Twin Peaks) is a washed up actor who turns to TV to restart his career, only to become a second rate star of the show to Miss Betty Hudson (Marla Rubinoff) his angelic, beautiful and brain dead co-star.

The show is a complete disaster. People forget their lines, sets are destroyed, dogs and bizarre assortments of cast members run rampant and obnoxious slapstick jokes rule the show. Twin Peaks regular Miguel Ferrer (FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield) also stars in On the Air as Bud Budwaller a character not too different from his character in Twin Peaks in regards to delivering unforgettable insults.

Other little quirks of the show include Blinky Vision – Blinky the soundman, suffers from Bozman’s Simplex,  an unusual visual disorder that causes him to see 25.62 more times that we do. We the viewers can look forward to a glimpse of Blinky Vision in every episode. As well as other loopy cast members consisting of, cavemen, ducks, the Hurry-Up Twins, gypsy magicians, Mr Peanut the puppet, Nicole Thorne (Kim McGuire -Hatchetface from Cry Baby)….oh and David Lander (Mr Pinkel from TP) as the director Vladja Gochktch whose accent sounds somewhat like a cross between a German-Russian-Irishman’s. Because of this he has an interpreter.

Consisting of only seven 25 minute episodes, the show didn’t do too well. This is apparently because it was aired in the summertime and according to Lynch ABC hated it. The show was pulled off the air after 3 episodes.

This show is an absolute must see for fans of the sillier side of Twin Peaks.

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