ORDER DVD Some horror movies have a cerebral bent, using the supernatural or extreme as metaphors for daily horrors and social issues. Others aim for a psychological effect, to tap into collective fears and deeper psychoses. Then there are movies like Spanish festival hit [REC], that simply aim to create theRead More →

ORDER DVD A small, nervous man walks away from camera down a studio hallway. He slips further and further out of focus as he goes until he is just a blur, almost swallowed up by the studio or the screen itself. So beginsBerberian Sound Studio. Gilderoy (Toby Jones) is anRead More →

When it comes to high concept, they don’t get much higher than the premise behind Upside Down. The setting is pure fantasy – two worlds with opposite gravity, yet so close as to touch. In one ‘up above’, the populace is wealthy and live in splendour, while ‘down below’ all areRead More →

To say Japanese director Takashi Miike has had a varied career is a gross understatement. Incredibly prolific, Miike has dozens of features to his credit and they run a wide gamut in subject matter and style. His international reputation has been founded on the bizarre, the extreme and the unpredictable.Read More →

Life has not been easy for Kay (Aida Folch). Her only family is her deadbeat Dad, who swings between making dodgy deals and losing any gains through gambling. Amidst it all, she meets a kindred spirit in Abel (Francesc Garrido), a taciturn former boxer and father of a young boy,Read More →

ORDER BLU-RAY Has there been a movie in the horror pantheon as endlessly quotable as Army of Darkness? And a hero – not a villain, but an actual bona fide good guy – as enduring as Ashley J Williams? But amidst all the nostalgia and love for Bruce Campbell’s grandstand performanceRead More →

ORDER DVD Australian cinema is in the middle of something of a resurgence lately, with films across a wide variety of genres gaining international recognition and new voices rising to be heard. One of the most promising of these is David Michod on the strength of his powerhouse debut, crimeRead More →

ORDER DVD Hong Kong is proud of its police force. The ‘safest city in Asia’ relies on an efficient and effective structure of law enforcement. But what if, somewhere in its upper echelons, the internal struggle up the ladder of power would lead to corrosion from within? When a policeRead More →

Dino is a black cat leading a double life. During the day, he is the placid domestic pet of a little girl named Zoe, but at night he scales the rooftops with acrobatic burglar Nico as he conducts various daring robberies. Meanwhile, Zoe’s mother – the chief of police –Read More →

ORDER DVD Ever since a 19-year-old named Mary Shelley wrote a novel called Frankenstein, the scientist who plays God and creates life has been a staple of fiction. Indeed, Shelley realised her work’s place in a long tradition by subtitling it, The Modern Prometheus. From the dawn of cinema, the concept hasRead More →

ORDER DVD Things start very promisingly for this UK horror/thriller. Some naturalistic dialogue, a measured build-up and then a sudden mistake leading to recriminations and panic. Unfortunately, that is where the good ideas run out and the second half of Donkey Punch is formulaic and pedestrian, wasting a lot of promise. WhenRead More →

The exact birth of punk rock is an endlessly debated topic. Some say it began in earnest with The Ramones in New York in 1975, others with the punk explosion in the UK in 1976. But what nobody ever thought was that the first salvo of angry young punk rockRead More →