Powerpuff Girls Classic Collection [Limited Edition]

129990837Madman have been making my inner child go crazy lately. Sailor Moon, Little House on the Prairie, Partridge Family  and  Power Puff Girls.  I am in woman-child heaven.

For those who were too poor to have Sky TV back in the day or too old/ young, to know anything about the Powerpuff Girls here’s a quick rundown:

The Powerpuff Girls was a Cartoon Network show about three girls with superpowers named Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles. Their father, Professor Utnoium tried to create a perfect girl with the usual ingredients – sugar and spice and all things nice, but accidentally spilled “Chemical X” into the mixture…hence the superpowers.  The girls help fight criminals in their hometown of Townsville. Blossom is the leader of the group, is strong willed and is the “everything nice” of the girls; Buttercup is the tough tomboy and is the”spice” of the group, which leaves my favourite – Bubbles the “sugar” of the group, she’s cute and sweet but don’t let that fool you as she can rage just as fierce as her sisters.

It’s strange watching shows as an adult as you view them in a whole different way and notice trends or the quality go downhill. As a kid I would have had as much enthusiasm for season 6 as I did for season 1 but now it’s definitely the first few seasons that are the stand outs of the series.

You also pick up on a lot more of the “adult” orientated gags such as one of the girls implying “they were a mistake” and a Spinal Tap gag where Bubbles turns the “danger up to 11”. There’s also references to South Park, Knight Rider and I’m sure a lot more that I didn’t pick up on.

It’s a lot more violent and grotesque than I recall it being which was fun. I watched a bit with my three year old daughter and although she loved it I think it’s something for when she’s a bit older. It’s not really aimed for little-uns, my girl loved the colors and look of the show but its something I would rather her watch when she’s 5+ as I would hate for her to try out some of the puffs’ moves on kids at playcentre.

Incredibly good value, RRP $69.99 for 12 discs with a runtime of 1743 minutes. This is the absolute best everything-in-one PPG set you could have. A must have for those Cartoon Network fans who pine for the days when cartoons were great without being hipster. Here’s hoping we see a lot more releases of older Cartoon Network shows.


Season One: The Whoopass Girls: A Sticky Situation, Meaty Fuzzy Lumpkins, Crime 101, Promos, CNN Short Interview: Craig Mccracken, LA Across the Boards, Craig and Larry, Space Ghost Coast to Coast World Premiere Toon In, Whoopass Stew Animatics, Trailers.

Season Two: None

Season Three: Shonen Knife “I’m a Super Girl” Video Clip, Apples in Stereo “Signal in the Sky (Let’s Go) Video Clipm “Reflections” Promotional Clip

Season Four: Morning in the Life, Blooper Mayor, Twas the Night Before Christmas

Season Five: Hospitalville, Future Spaceman Town, Transylvania City, Mitch Rocks #3

Season Six: Good Day Car, Laundry Day, The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!, Craig’s Documentary, Trailers.

A good amount of extras with some seasons more packed than others. The stand outs are the various interviews, Twas the Night Before Christmas movie (44 minutes), and “The Whoopass Girls” which was a college project of creator Craig Mccracken that became PPG. Cartoon Network made him change the name to make it more “kid friendly”.

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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