Save with Jamie [Series One & Two]

Save-JamieMadman’s release of Save With Jamie includes series one & two, each consisting of six parts, and is a four disc box set with a 539 minute runtime.

With most of these recipes you essentially have to spend money to save money (eg. buy one big chicken as opposed to a pack of pies) but he does make the dishes go a long way by providing one really good main serve and then creating leftover meals. The good focus of this series is that the meals are of good quality and will keep you full and deliver nutrients as opposed to buying cheap items such as pies and sausage rolls which are stuffed full of additives and preservatives.

Series One – Scrumptious meals such as beef brisket and Korean stir-fried rice, hot Chicago pizza pie, pork shoulder, vegie korma, lamb burgers, sweet pea fish pie, and what Jamie calls “Chicken Wings Gangnam Style”. There’s also plenty of lamb and chicken dishes such as chicken stew with dumplings and Moroccan pastillas, lamb koftas and roast shoulder of lamb.

Series Two – Highlights of this season include Pukka curry, fried chicken, tikka curry, paella, spiced sausage bake, spicy and smoky BBQ beans, Piri Piri pork belly, Sicilian inspired meatballs, Mexican tacos and a Moroccan-inspired tagine.

In between recipes there’s segments of Jamie going to the homes of food wasters and teaching them how to stop wasting food and get the most use out of what they buy. When Jamie is putting together the meals there’s also a team of people reporting to Jamie on the cost of meals, the nutritional value and also about food safety.

I don’t know how valuable this set would be to a low-income family on a very restrictive budget, but to any Jamie Oliver fans who happen to be thrifty there’s a whole heap of scrumptious recipes that are very flash and have international flavour considering it’s being done on a budget.

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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