The Graveyard Tramp

A freelance writer based in Melbourne, John Harrison has contributed chapters to the true crime books Death Cults, Bad Cop Bad Cop and Guns, Death, Terror, as well as writing for such publications as Monster!, Fatal Visions, Cult Movies, Is it Uncut?, Filmink, Crime Factory, Headpress Journal, Scary Monsters and Bachelor Pad, and penning reviews and liner notes for many DVD and VHS releases from Something Weird Video. In 2011, his book on vintage adult paperbacks, Hip Pocket Sleaze, was published by Headpress in the UK. In 2013, he self-published Blood on the Windscreen, a booklet which examined the violent and notorious Driver’s Education films produced in America between 1959-1975. He is currently working on several fiction and non-fiction projects, and recently published a compendium of his late-90’s fanzine Reel Wild Cinema!

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