Ecstatic Stigmatic is an early product of the New York Cinema of Transgression movement which was active during the late 70s to late 80s. Directed by Gordon Stevenson (bass player for the seminal No Wave group Teenage Jesus and the Jerks) and starring his wife Mirielle Cervenka (little sister ofRead More →

Taking place in an isolated mansion located in the Fascist-controlled Italian Republic of Salo in 1944, four powerful libertines – the Duke, the Bishop, the Magistrate and the President – abduct eighteen teenagers, 9 boys, 9 girls, to indulge in four months (120 days) of debauchery and sadism with. In-betweenRead More →

  Based on Tennessee Williams’ novella, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, The Drift tells the decadent tale of Karen Stone, an aging, recently widowed actress who moves to Rome looking for love. While in Rome Karen meets The Countessa, a glamorously degenerate Madam who hooks her up with aRead More →

ORDER DVD Call me an artless heathen but I’ve never really been down with much of Herzog’s work at all. Whether or not a lot of his comments in interviews are tongue in cheek, he just comes across as totally condescending. His comments about Abel Ferrara while being interviewed aboutRead More →

ORDER DVD Suddenly Last Summer is the second installment in John Aes-Nihil’s trilogy of Tennessee Williams adaptations, the other titles being The Drift and Boom (which as far as I know is not currently available). Now, having never seen any of Williams’ original plays nor any of the numerous film and television adaptations myself, IRead More →

ORDER DVD Some films are impossible to review without some discussion around their method of production. One such example of this is Thomas Vinterberg’s Festen (AKA The Celebration). Critically acclaimed and hugely successful on release (including securing the Grand Jury Prize at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival), the major talking point around theRead More →

Kiss Napoleon Goodbye is essentially a film about relationships and the jealous, hateful and obsessive natures of them. Hedda (Lydia Lunch) and her husband Neal live in an isolated castle in the countryside that was formerly the home of Napoleon. They live a pretty relaxed life and are expecting theirRead More →