The Sex Pistols On TV

The TV Interviews (Un)cencored screams the cover and yet the one we all want to see is conspicuous in its absence – or at least in full!  There’s snippets of it here and there, hell it even plays in the background at one point during one of the reunion press conferences but the (in)famous Bill […]

Kill Team

These days, especially when I review things, I go out of my way to avoid reading anything about the film or in this case documentary. This can have its downsides as I was kind of hyped to see this film thinking it would be along the lines of other documentaries that I’ve enjoyed such as […]

Nazi Collaborators

I’ve studied the Holocaust and representation of trauma in media at University so whenever there’s an opportunity to review Nazi related films and documentaries I am the first to put my hand up. It’s a subject I never seem to tire of, but History Channel documentaries are tedious with their reliance on talking heads, repetition […]

Dreamachine Exhibition

ORDER DVD The Dreamachine is a stroboscopic apparatus that when sat in front of with the eyes closed induces a hallucinogenic, hypnagogic state. It was invented in the ‘60s by Beat writer/poet Brion Gysin with the help of Ian Sommerville after being inspired by W. Grey Walter’s book, The Living Brain. William Burroughs had long been […]

Mondo Collecto

ORDER DVD Mondo Collecto is a quirky shot-on-video low budget documentary laced with Mondo-esque qualities; from interludes of 60s style Go Go dancers, to the mix of real and fictional characters and subjects. This film does emulate some Mondo film qualities but isn’t consistent with narration or pattern or have the usual blatant exploitive agenda […]