Order DVD Banksy Does New York is an HBO documentary that covers Banksy’s residency (Better Out Than In) in New York. In 0ctober 2013 Bansky created 31 works and displayed them over 31 days. Each day he would post a photo of the work along with an audio commentary on InstagramRead More →

Order DVD Nazi Hunters is an eight episode documentary series that focuses on Nazi war criminals and the various Nazi Hunters who brought them to justice and/or executed revenge. The Mossad, French couple Serge and Beate Klarsfeld and Simon Wiesenthal are just some of the Nazi Hunters featured. The Episodes: HerbertsRead More →

I’m not a consumer of porn but I find porn stars extremely interesting. I love Annie Sprinkle, Vanessa Del Rio and Harry Reems, but ultimately I find nudie-cutie/sexploitation cinema far more interesting and appealing. John Waters compared hard core porn to “watching open heart surgery”. I feel that way too although theRead More →

Those of us who are health minded have known for a few years that sugar is the new fat. With That Sugar Film Damon Gameau has created a documentary that is both fun and extremely eye opening and it might be the document that gets people to reconsider sugar orRead More →

The 1980’s was a halcyon period for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The gaudy glitz of that decade, combined with the increase in American consumerism and the rise of cable television and pay-per-view special events, was just what young WWF owner Vince McMahon needed to push his burgeoning empire toRead More →

After watching Autoluminescent (the documentary about former Birthday Party member Rowland S. Howard) I thought it was odd that there hadn’t been any about Nick Cave and hoped I wouldn’t have to wait for him to die to see one. 20,000 Days on Earth is based around a fictional day inRead More →

The TV Interviews (Un)cencored screams the cover and yet the one we all want to see is conspicuous in its absence – or at least in full!  There’s snippets of it here and there, hell it even plays in the background at one point during one of the reunion pressRead More →