Dreamachine Exhibition

ORDER DVD The Dreamachine is a stroboscopic apparatus that when sat in front of with the eyes closed induces a hallucinogenic, hypnagogic state. It was invented in the ‘60s by Beat writer/poet Brion Gysin with the help of Ian Sommerville after being inspired by W. Grey Walter’s book, The Living Brain. William Burroughs had long been […]

Mondo Collecto

ORDER DVD Mondo Collecto is a quirky shot-on-video low budget documentary laced with Mondo-esque qualities; from interludes of 60s style Go Go dancers, to the mix of real and fictional characters and subjects. This film does emulate some Mondo film qualities but isn’t consistent with narration or pattern or have the usual blatant exploitive agenda […]

Muscle Shoals

According to the native Yuchi people, the Tennessee river (or in their language The Singing River) is home to the Singing Woman, whose songs contain the wisdom to answer all of life’s questions. Sitting alongside the Tennessee River, Muscle Shoals seems to have absorbed that spirit as a disproportionately vast number of seminal recordings have […]

London: The Modern Babylon

ORDER DVD From the fertile mind of director Julien Temple (The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle, The Filth And The Fury etc etc) comes this potted history of old London town.  Starting at the beginning of the 20th Century and charting the history of London and England through the peaceful times and the wars, the […]

Trials of Muhammad Ali

ORDER DVD He may be viewed as an icon of the 20th century now but back in the 1960s Muhammad Ali was seen as anything but. In fact he was a man whose religious beliefs and convictions, whose stance on the Vietnam War, whose very refusal to be a “quiet” negro created huge schisms in […]

Generation Iron

ORDER DVD This “follow up” to the 70’s iconic film Pumping Iron follows the paths taken by eight body builders as they prepare for the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition, the premiere event on the bodybuilding calendar. Director Vlad Yudin probably couldn’t have hoped for a better cast – with defending champ Phil “The Gift” Heath, […]

The Life After Death Project

ORDER DVD Director Paul Davids (The Sci-fi Boys) was alone in his house, when a blot of ink mysteriously appeared on a document he’d just printed. This seemingly small event soon mushrooms into a much larger investigation when Davids realises that the sentence altered by the blot now appears to refer to Joe Moe, carer […]

Punk and Disorderly

ORDER DVD Formed officially in 2002, the annual Punk & Disorderly festival in Germany has become one of the biggest events on the international stage for punk bands. Primarily made up of German and older UK acts, the fest has gone from strength to strength as the years have gone on. This two-disc DVD documents […]

Punk in Africa

Try naming a single punk band from Africa. Stumped? If you are then it makes the existence of this film all the more necessary. Tracing the lineage of Southern African punk from the 1970s to the present, Punk in Africa helps to show viewers the ignored, but no less crucial global scenes which the punk […]


ORDER DVD Blackfish is a documentary about killer whales in captivity at Sea World with particular focus on one male Orca, Tilikum, who has a history of aggressive behavior resulting in the deaths of two trainers and one trespasser. Tilikum was caught off the coast of Iceland at a young age, taken from his mother […]

Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered Volume 1

ORDER DVD Lucio Fulci is a household name among horror fans thanks to a large body of work including classics of the genre such as The Beyond, New York Ripper, City Of The Living Dead and his biggest box office success Zombie. Fulci dabbled in several different genres including fantasy (Conquest) and comedy (Young Dracula) before finding his […]