ORDER DVD Blackfish is a documentary about killer whales in captivity at Sea World with particular focus on one male Orca, Tilikum, who has a history of aggressive behavior resulting in the deaths of two trainers and one trespasser. Tilikum was caught off the coast of Iceland at a youngRead More →

ORDER DVD Lucio Fulci is a household name among horror fans thanks to a large body of work including classics of the genre such as The Beyond, New York Ripper, City Of The Living Dead and his biggest box office success Zombie. Fulci dabbled in several different genres including fantasy (Conquest) and comedyRead More →

I’ve always found it a bit frustrating just how little attention a lot of pioneering musicians get from the music press. Every year the major music magazines and documentary channels wheel out stuff concerning the usual suspects like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Nirvana while otherRead More →

 A true rock n’ roll legend in every sense of the world Iggy Pop is one of the most charismatic performers every to set foot on the stage. The Godfather of Punk’s musical career has spanned over 30 years and has seen him experience many highs and lows none ofRead More →

ORDER DVD MVD Visual’s DVD & CD set compiles three short films about the self destructive punk rock icon Dee Dee Ramone. Dee Dee was mainly known for playing bass in the Ramones but also had a wide and varied solo career that included a hip hop album and a brief stintRead More →

ORDER DVD Before the event of DVDs there were very few documentaries of the making of films especially when it came to cult and horror cinema. Occasionally there would be a promotional behind-the-scenes look for the major studio blockbusters screened on TV but nothing compared to the insight and analysisRead More →

ORDER DVD Reviewing films, as much fun as it can be, is a duel-edged sword. On the one hand I can sit down and watch a film that people have worked months, if not YEARS on, and dismiss it with a single paragraph. One side of me feels genuinely guiltyRead More →

ORDER DVD In 1965, a failed coup d’état in Indonesia would lead to devastating repercussions. In a purge often described as the worst atrocity since the Holocaust, Government-approved death squads wiped out Communists and suspected sympathisers in a brutal six-month period. Exact numbers killed remain unverified, but estimates generally range betweenRead More →

Stephen Fry is described on the box of this collection as “Britain’s national treasure” and the documentaries presented here go some way to demonstrating why. Whether sweating in the jungle or exploring a traditional paper mill in Italy, Fry is witty, charming and urbane. This is a slower, more measuredRead More →

ORDER DVD A great documentary looking at the role women have played in the U.S. punk rock scene, going back to the early 80s with folk like author Cynthia Connolly (Banned In DC) through the days of places like Gillman Street and ABC-No Rio and onward past the Riot GrrrlRead More →

Once Upon a Time in Norway: The history of Mayhem and the rise of Norwegian Black Metal is a documentary about the early Black Metal movement in Norway. The film is a collaboration by the following directors: Martin Ledang, Pål Aasdal, Olav Martinius Ilje Lien & Oddbjørn Hofseth. After playing atRead More →

Originally released in 1985 The Unheard Music covers the LA band X, who on the reissue’s back cover are credited with changing the face of punk music with their original and vibrant style. The film is more than just a product of its time due to the music and theRead More →