Intervention (now in its eighth season) is an Emmy Award winning documentary series that documents the stories of various breeds of addicts. Each episode sees its subject face an intervention. From drug abuse, shopping addictions, eating disorders and even rageaholism, Intervention shows many unique stories that are interesting and often heartbreaking. Alyson: OnceRead More →

For many of us the name Cropsey immediately triggers the image of the maniac in the movie The Burning but it turns out Cropsey has been an urban legend for a lot longer than that. This documentary from Zeman and Brancaccio is about the Cropsey stories that they grew upRead More →

Rock n Roll Nerd is an intimate look at the rise to fame of Australian musician / comedian Tim Minchin. Until I watched this DVD I had no idea who Tim Minchin was and well…I wasn’t missing out on much. His comedy is music based and he sings about himself,Read More →

As a kid I fondly remember trips to the local video store and being lured in by the cover art of many of the classic exploitation titles. These flicks were forbidden fruit for me at the tender young age of eight or nine as my parents refused to let meRead More →

I’m from Hollywood chronicles Andy Kaufman’s performances in the world of wrestling… not so much professional man on man wrestling, but Kaufman’s own inter-gender wrestling (for which he held the belt for). I’m from Hollywood was a film that Kaufman and Margulies worked on while Kaufman was still alive but was later finishedRead More →

The Beaver trilogy is a series of three vignettes about an impersonator called Groovin’ Gary (Richard Griffith) that director Trent Harris (Rubin and Ed, Plan 10 From Outer Space) met by chance in a parking lot whilst testing out a new colour video-camera. The Beaver Trilogy is a sort of documentary account andRead More →