ORDER DVD These days Takashi Miike really needs no introduction, he’s one of the leading forces in modern Japanese cinema and his prolific body of violent and eccentric work has won over many a fan of cult, extreme and foreign cinema. Deadly Outlaw: Rekka is a Yakuza tale which is a subjectRead More →

Sylvester Stallone’s directorial debut is a hit and miss affair that almost buries itself with self indulgence. Paradise Alley was green lit after the success of Rocky and emulates the same formula but this time using wrestling. Paradise Alley is somewhat muddled being a sentimental underdog story and then switching at points to a comedy. ARead More →

ORDER DVD Filmed in Austria and starring a young Udo Kier and an old Herbert Lom as the apprentice and master witch hunters, Christian and Lord Cumberland respectively, this trashy knock off of Witch Finder General kicks off with a wagonful of nuns being raped and slaughtered so you justRead More →

The Snowtown murders (aka The Bodies in Barrels Murders) occurred in South Australia between 1992-1999. The main perpetrator John Bunting, recruited various friends and acquaintances to assist in the disposing of undesirable types such as paedophiles, homosexuals and junkies. Their victims were often subjected to prolonged torture with assorted householdRead More →

It is the 17th century, and the English Civil War rages on with all the grime and viciousness peculiar to civil wars. The film opens with a cleric named Whitehead (Reece Shearsmith) hiding under a bush and praying to God to spare him. When his pursuer is killed, Whitehead takesRead More →

ORDER DVD Brian Cherry (writer and producer David Crane) is a sad, lonely young man whose shyness (he prefers to consider this his “morals”) prevent him from connecting with women. When his more confident friend Sam (Rey Valentin) bribes the beautiful Jules (Lili Bordan) to strike up a conversation withRead More →

A movie about a poem? Seems like a strange idea right, even with a poem as famous as Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl but this is more than just a movie about a poem, this is a movie about an era, a trial and the burgeoning beat writers movement, with GinsbergRead More →

Wow. Some films try to cover a fair bit of ground. Love Exposure is more like some vast, country-spanning blanket. A four-hour movie both epic and perversely intimate, it takes on religion, sexual awakening, abuse, family, relationships…oh, and the art of kung fu upskirt photography. The story follows Tokyo teenagerRead More →

ORDER DVD Do-joon (Bin Won) has a widowed mother (Hye-ja Kim) who is utterly devoted to him. He may be simple, but he’s all she has and she works hard to support them both. Doting and protective, she only wants the best for him. Then, one night, a local schoolgirlRead More →

Order DVD | Order Blu-Ray Dave Brown (Woody Harrelson) is an LA cop in 1999. Confident and brash, he doles out his own brand of justice on the bad guys, doing whatever he sees fit in order to get the job done. A quick-talker, nothing sticks to him, not evenRead More →

When it comes to high concept, they don’t get much higher than the premise behind Upside Down. The setting is pure fantasy – two worlds with opposite gravity, yet so close as to touch. In one ‘up above’, the populace is wealthy and live in splendour, while ‘down below’ all areRead More →

ORDER DVD Australian cinema is in the middle of something of a resurgence lately, with films across a wide variety of genres gaining international recognition and new voices rising to be heard. One of the most promising of these is David Michod on the strength of his powerhouse debut, crimeRead More →