David Cronenberg is a hugely respected and admired filmmaker, with a catalogue of festival awards and critical and box office success. He attracts A-list talent for his movies, which are always thought-provoking and met with wide intellectual appreciation. But this was not always the case.Read More →

Tim Ritter’s Killing Spree is a product of the mid 80s to early 90s splatter boom where anyone who owned a 16MM or a shitty video camera was trying to get in on the action by making a no-budget homemade horror flick. These films were usually of the “so-bad-it’s good” variety, theRead More →

ORDER DVD The Frightened Woman could simply be summed up as a movie about the battle of the sexes, man vs. woman, estrogen vs. testosterone. Either way, it deals with issues that are socially and sexually pretty controversial. The film consists mostly of two characters: Dr Sayer who works at aRead More →

ORDER DVD From the director of Robocop comes Showgirls – a dirtier Dirty Dancing. The film stars the rather teethy Elizabeth Berkley (who looks like an ‘80s Scarlet Johansson ) as Nomi, a young drifter who is on her way to Vegas to realize her dreams of becoming a dancer.Read More →

ORDER DVD Robogeisha is another insanely over-the-top splatter flick, the likes of which Japan have been cranking out lately. This flick is brought to you by the crew behind Machine Girl, Sukeban Boy and Tokyo Gore Police so you know right away what kind of crazy shit you’re in for.RobogeishaRead More →

Liliana Cavani’s 1973 film The Night Porter has certainly divided audiences and critics alike over the years. Its controversial themes and subject matter have seen the film be painted as tasteless, exploitative and having no artistic merit other than to shock. The Night Porter along with Salo treads a fine line between quality Arthouse cinemaRead More →

ORDER DVD They have many varying and wonderful names – cult films, exploitation, drive-in, midnight movies – but whatever you call them, the ‘b’ movies of the 60s, 70s and 80s represent a time of remarkable freedom and adventure in cinema. Typically, this was done under restrictive budget pressure andRead More →

Ted V Mikels is a legend. No two ways about it. From his earliest work through to latter day works he put his heart and soul into every film. Younger gorehounds should check out his entire back catalogue of films, we old bastards already know how cool and influential heRead More →

A woman born with seven clits. A man with a detachable penis that goes on a rape spree…no, its not Woody Allen’s latest…its the (semi) triumphant return of genre favourite Frank Henenlotter. Like most Love & Pop readers (well, the older ones anyway) I first encountered the legend of Frank Henenlotter through the pagesRead More →

Violent lap dances, horrific sex scenes, betrayal, greasy strip clubs… sleazy and at times repulsive seduction… Showgirls is the ultimate mainstream exploitation film and Umbrella Entertainment have now brought this trash-fest monster of a film to us all in Hi-Def. I have already reviewed this title (but could go on and onRead More →

From Man Kei Chin (aka Cash), esteemed director of such classless muck as Sex and Zen 2 and The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks I & II, comes this goofy softcore take on The Terminator. Opening in the year 2046, we meet our heroine Future, a nubile young thing being sent back to theRead More →