So, another Robot Chicken special. This one chooses the DC Comics universe as the target for their usual brand of offensive humor. If you’ve seen the show it’s pretty clear the creators are unashamed fan-boys so a loving roast of the DC Comics heroes was clearly in order. During its brief 23Read More →

Who killed Nanna Birk Larsen? In the vein of Born to Kill (Laurie Palmer) and Twin Peaks (Laura Palmer), a girl – Nanna Birk Larsen- has been murdered and the duration of this series focuses on unravelling the hugely complex case of Nana’s murder. Nanna Birk Larsen, according to friends and family, is anRead More →

Hey Arnold! is a kids TV show about a fourth grader who lives in a big city, has a head shaped like a football, and is a bit of a goody-two-shoes. He lives in an apartment building with his unusual grandparents and a whole bunch of eccentric neighbors. The show revolvesRead More →

Initially produced in response to a need for new product to broadcast in the wake of the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike, when John Langley’s Cops debuted on American televisions in March of 1989, its camcorder aesthetics and cinema verite feel established a distinct style and signaled the arrivalRead More →

*02/04/2016. At time of writing this was the complete set. Please see comment section for more info on further releases. Finally a Region 4 complete Trailer Park Boys collection, well complete television series collection, the films are not featured in this set. But fear not we’re treated to the ChristmasRead More →

Big Brother: like it or not, for over the last decade the reality show has become a cultural phenomenon and primetime hit viewing in almost 70 countries across the globe. For 3 months a year in the UK, our TV screens, office gossip and gutter press seemingly come under siege,Read More →

Wow, what can I say? Robot Chicken Star Wars… I have never to this date seen an episode of Robot Chicken or Star Wars, but thankfully this was a 23 minute episode and featured a bunch of characters from Star Wars that I am pretty familiar with. If you knowRead More →