Thankskilling 3

thankskilling-3-coverIn 2008 there was Thankskilling, a no budget slasher parody made for just thirty five hundred bucks ($3500!) that starred Turkie, a demonic turkey back from the dead who hunts down and kills a bunch of teenagers on, you guessed it, Thanksgiving. Dumb, cheap, played for laughs but genuinely funny while obviously showing a true love for the genre which it mocked, Thankskilling’s cult status enabled the team behind it to raise an amazing one hundred and twelve grand plus change ($112,000!) via kickstarter to bring us Thankskilling 3 – a movie so insane I had to watch it three times before I could even attempt to review it!  (and sober up – the drinking game attached to it will kick your arse)

Skipping the standard sequelitis blues, this movie opens with the burning of all known copies of (the never seen) Thankskilling 2.  Turkie isn’t happy when he discovers this fact, in fact he gets a little Freddie Kruegerish when the news breaks.  Then he goes on the hunt for the one remaining dvd copy of TK 2 which is owned by a … wait for it… puppet named Yomi.

Now there are puppets all through this movie (Turkie and family for a start) but Yomi is actually a puppet whose character is a puppet.  A living, breathing puppet. Let that sink in. A puppet who has, in fact, lost her mind and is looking for it.  She bumps into “Uncle Donnie” a tv hustling shyster, in a wig, who is selling a turkey plucking microwave machine (Pluckmaster 3000) whilst dreaming of opening a theme park called Thanksgiving Land. Donnie’s offsider and right hand man Jefferson dresses like a founding father and hates modern things, and puppets. He also has a hiphop singing, foulmouthed mama in a wheelchair who refuses to grow old with dignity. Donnie is riddled by guilt after his wife and child were eaten by wolves so his dream of Thanksgiving Land has stalled but Jefferson still believes. Into this world, and Donnie’s cabin, comes Yomi puppet followed soon enough by a bi-sexual earthworm from outerspace named Rhonda who is accompanied by a glitch riddled robot terminator named Muff.  (I get the feeling that some of the ‘big’ budget may have been used on some good drugs!)

As things get weirder and sillier we learn that Turkie was going to use Thankskilling 2 to spread an ancient curse on the modern world and he needs that last copy of the movie to launch his evil plan. Of course, he turns up at the cabin and all sorts of turkey chaos magick breaks out.  Soon enough we are treated to zombie turkeys, the featherworld (an afterworld for turkeys) which is home of ‘the wise turkey’ – a sort of Yoda for birds, a fight sequence using old school game graphics, a magic wishbone, a chainsaw dick, turkey hell, the original pluckmaster machine, bad techno music, Frankenturkey, more puns than you can keep track of, bad jokes, good jokes, muff diving, death, anarchy and finally, maybe, redemption.

This is not a film for people with no sense of humour, nor is it a film for people who like big budget CGI, hell it’s just not a film for normal people.  It is however one of the dumbest, funniest, most entertaining mind fucks I’ve watched in a long, long time. You will have to watch it more than once, it’s the only way you will even come close to understanding what the hell is happening.  Oh and watch out for the drinking game, it’s a killer.


  • Behind the Beak featurette
  • Audio commentary
  • Sprinkle of Winkle video
  • Pluckmaster infomercial
  • Trailers
  • Stills gallery
  • Drinking game

Available on DVD or in the Thankskilling combo pack from MVD Visual.

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