The Bridge [Season Three]

I’m not a fan of the term “the Golden Age of Television”. Whatever this so called great period of television was must well and truly be over because every new “hit show” I watch is boring the heck out of me. One genre that never fails to deliver though are the Scandinavian-noir-crime-dramas.

If you haven’t seen any seasons of The Bridge,  STOP READING. Seriously, go and buy the series because you can’t really rent DVDs anymore and its not on the NZ version of Netflix and believe me it is a set you will want to own and re-watch many times over. It works out cheapest to buy the box-set which contains seasons 1, 2 and 3 rather than the individual seasons. You can purchase it here and with free shipping as its over $50.

For those who’ve seen the first two seasons here’s a loose/spoiler free synopsis of season three.

13 months after Martin’s arrest Saga is paired up with a new Danish detective named Henrik Sabroe due to a new serial killer wreaking havoc in Sweden and Denmark. The new killer is producing Dexter-ish crime-scene tableaus influenced by artworks held in a local artist’s gallery. It seems at first that his targets are gay/lesbian activists especially when the first crime scenes are scenes that depict values of traditional families. But that  route would be too simple…wouldn’t it?

Saga’s mother also makes an appearance this season and causes Saga to experience some unwanted emotions and is a really interesting thread. Henrik  is trying to solve a crime that is very personal to him and the awful Rasmus makes an appearance and this time he has an agenda. Saga’s boss Hans is also out of the picture (don’t want to spoil), which adds to Saga’s emotional burden this season.

Many will notice the departure of Martin (Kim Bodnia) and will probably despair at this but do not fret about it. The writing has always been superb and one should not doubt the writers’ ability to deal with this in a satisfactory manner. I really liked the dynamic between Saga and Martin but his replacement is handled extremely well. There’s an adjustment period but his mystery, drug addiction and personality are enough to keep fans engaged and manage to fill the hole that Martin left.

Still 100% binge-watchable but there was a point where I felt the show was becoming a little far-fetched but the reigns are tightly pulled in and it veers back on track. There’s a lot going on this season and Saga’s journey and Sofia Helin’s acting are impressive and played so well. Saga is a person that would not be liked in real life but has won over the hearts of many viewers, she’s going to be a very hard character to part with and with the threats she faces this season fans are likely to be on the edge of their seats binge-watching til they fall off it.

Bring on season four.

No extras.

Available on DVD from Madman Entertainment

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