The Hunting Ground


If I told you that 1 in every 5 women gets raped on campus in America, would you still want to go to University?

I can’t believe I am typing these words but here you go.


If you can’t handle facts and differences of opinion then you might want to go to your safe space and cuddle some kittens and blow bubbles. For I am going to put it out there that American “rape culture” is the new satanic panic, and is nothing but a load of third wave femi-nazi  bollocks.

The Hunting Ground is a documentary about the rape epidemic sweeping American colleges. It is essentially a very politically driven activist film that is incredibly biased and cherry-picks information to support its narrative. And now I sound like an asshole for daring to question rape survivors.  I am questioning the narrative of “cis-white-college-men are ALL RAPISTS….PATRIARCHY IS EVIL”.

The film doesn’t harp on the  1 in 5  number as much as Twitter-radfems do but the documentary is so emotionally loaded that if you do not do any extra research on your own you are going to be swindled by the film’s emotional manipulation.

I do acknowledge that these girls are incredibly traumatized by what happened to them and that they are victims. I even found myself getting angry at what they went though, but these are isolated and individual cases. There is no systemic rape crisis explored here. Bring any group of victims together and you can paint an emotional picture and get people riled up, and while I felt incensed at times I have to keep  an open mind and consider things other than the emotional aspect. This documentary did not provide any evidence to me that American men think rape is acceptable. It actually fails miserably in that respect.

Sexual assaults do happen on campus.  1 in 52 is still too much. What I wanted out of this documentary was an expose on why this is happening. If you are going to accuse and paint colleges and men as villains who promote and encourage rape you better back your claims up and have an explanation as to why this is happening on American campuses. They can’t because the information and facts are distorted and not factual. (1 in 5 Myth debunked)

The filmmakers had part of the answer given to them via a sex offender they interviewed and they didn’t even explore it. He sums the problem up well when he says: “There’s lots of alcohol, endless victims”, and that alcohol “ makes it easier”.  Perhaps instead of witch hunting and censorship we need to educate young girls on the risks they run while socializing on campus and in reality anywhere in the world.

The Hunting Ground just isn’t a fair and balanced documentary. It is emotive, devoid of unbiased facts and weaves together a narrative of poor female victims and boogeymen oppressors and rape enablers.  Only one context is provided here and that’s that we must believe victims. For starters I want to know why the most liberal, enlightened and progressive colleges on earth  are suddenly dealing with mass rape.

I could be here all day linking to articles and facts that this documentary plays loose with the truth about but I want to make one thing clear: I am not critical of these sexual assault survivors. I am attacking a narrative that consists of untruths and hyperbole and exploits these girls’ real trauma to further an activist-driven and money making narrative. That and the fact that classifying regretful drunken sex as rape really does not good for actual victims of knife-in-alley/abduction style rapes.

About 10 years ago I wrote about Japan’s “rape-pop culture” for an Intercultural Communications paper. Here I am defining their “rape culture” through their attitudes and normalization of rape in pop culture and pornography. This stems from Japan’s outdated laws, attitudes and patriarchal society  and is reflected in their low numbers of rape reporting. Japan gave the world Rapelay and Rapeman (not Steve Albini’s band). They fetishize rape. Sleep rape is a thing. And lets not forget Super Free, the Japanese rape club, there you go feminists, there’s your rape-happy university baddies you so desperately want.

The American equivalent? Can you give me an example of anything in America culture that  treats rape as something to glorify and fetishize? What American comics and movies are young boys watching like Japanese boys do that normalize rape? All that comes to my mind is the rape/revenge exploitation films which are very anti-rape. I read I Spit On Your Grave as a feminist film, but that film is considered  “misogynistic and titillating” for men.  I guess because we can’t deal with the idea that a woman doesn’t have to resort to the role of victim?

You want a rape culture? Look at what Pakistanis did in Britain and what refugees are doing across Europe, or go check out things in the Congo; research the examples of normalizing rape in Japanese culture then get back to me on how American attitudes are equal to these cultures. They simply aren’t.  American “rape culture” is not a culture or an epidemic. Feminists so desperately want home grown rapists (Mattress Girl,  UVA) that they ignore the real rape cultures that are being enabled because Westerners don’t want to be considered “racists” or  “culturally insensitive”.

If you are going to watch this documentary then please, I urge you to balance it by watching the wonderful “Factual Feminist” Christina Hoff Sommers’ Sexual Assault Myths: Part 1, where she will tell you the real stats and where the 1 in 5 stat came from.

I’m sure much like “Hot Girls Wanted”, this documentary is in Third Wave Feminists top 10 lists of “men are bastards” compilations, so if you’re a raging Social Justice Warrior this film is going to appeal to you.

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