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*02/04/2016. At time of writing this was the complete set. Please see comment section for more info on further releases.

Finally a Region 4 complete Trailer Park Boys collection, well complete television series collection, the films are not featured in this set. But fear not we’re treated to the Christmas Special as well as 7 seasons (there are other sets claiming to be complete but only have 6 seasons).

For those of you who have not seen the series, it follows a recidivist name Julian, his inept (at everything but growing dope) friend Ricky and the kitty loving Bubbles. In season one a documentary crew records Julian’s transition back into society after serving 18 months in jail alongside his friend Ricky. The crew follows Julian back to the trailer park where he lives and for the next 6 seasons we meet the lovable, charismatic and very odd trailer park residents. From a drunk ex-cop turned trailer park supervisor, a wannabe rapper and his crew, skanky chicks, fat guys whose shirts don’t cover their bellies (or Randy, an ex-male prostitute, who never wears a shirt), there’s a whole heap of oddball characters here who shine as much as the main characters.

In the first episode of season one Julian says to the camera: “I’m going to lead a good, clean life, I’ve matured now. Things are going to be totally different”. Julian plans to stop hanging around with Ricky and wants to go back to school. As soon as he gets outside of the jail Ricky is there expecting a free ride home . When Julian gets back to the trailer park, despite proclaiming that he’s going to go to community college, it’s clear he can’t escape the park life without consequences imposed by trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey. Soon enough Julian and Ricky are back committing greasy crimes and at the end of every season (well nearly) the pair end up back in jail.

Over seven seasons we see many scams and get rich quick plans go awry, these include ventures such as: stealing meat from supermarkets, parking meter picking, starring in pornos, opening illegal bars and massage parlours in the park, producing rap albums and throwing rap concerts, selling dope, growing dope and smuggling drugs across the Canadian border into the US (for Sebastian Bach) via a toy train – not just any train though, Patrick Swayze’s train “the Swayze Express”. For those who don’t find crime, cursing and drug comedy amusing then stay well away from this one.

Loaded with obscure Canadian references (you’ll have to Google a few of them), filled with “oh my god I know someone who did that” or “I know someone like that” moments, the show is a riot plain and simple. It’s not highbrow, it’s silly and the characters are utterly ridiculous but so charming and lovable. Apart from a few stupid plots (Conky was just too much) the show was pretty good at keeping the characters real and their environment as well. The creators even ended up building their own trailer park as they often had trouble shooting the show in real parks due to the swearing and constant gun firing.

A remarkable show that kept this viewer glued til the end. I’ll admit I didn’t like the first movie as it was too high concept and lacked the visual qualities that made the show so great. The movie was too polished and slick not rough like the show. Anyway, TPB is a Canadian gem that is simply a must own TV series, you’ll never get enough.

This set has an edge over the R2 release which only contains seasons 1-6 and doesn’t have the Christmas special either. It also retails for $85NZ which is a steal compared to the R1 version which costs $115 US dollars.

The box-set looks awesome, the discs come housed in two separate fold out cardboard sleeves with full colour artwork. My only complaint is that the plastic holders that the discs click into are a bit flimsy and at first were pretty hard to get around. Apart from this, an exceptional release that is a must have for Trailer Park Boys fans.


Not only do you get 1555 minutes worth of episodes there’s also loads of extras:


Disc One includes: Alternate Openings, 5 Lost Interviews, 3 deleted scenes and 4 Alternate takes.

Disc Two: 4 Lost Interviews, 5 deleted scenes, 7 Alternate takes and “Cartboy” – a 9 minute short film about Bubbles and his carts.

Disc Three: Bubbles Interview (47 seconds), 2 Deleted scenes and 2 Alternate takes. “Fuck Ups Montage” (10 mins) – 10 minutes worth of the cast corpsing and making errors. “Ricky Wipes Out Montage” – a minutes clips of Ricky falling over. “Mike Clattenburg Directs” – A two minute clip of Mike Clattenburg directing the actors. He also dresses up as Bubbles and does a scene with Julian which is incredibly funny. “Walkie Talkie” – A seven minute clip of footage with walkie talkies.


Disc One: 5 “Lost Content” clips, 4 deleted scenes (including Microphone Assassin outtakes), and 6 alternate takes.

Disc Two: 6 deleted scenes, 7 alternate takes and 4 “Lost Content” clips including a fuck up reel and a clip of Brian from Helix.


Disc One: 3 deleted scenes, 7 alternate takes and 6 “Lost Content” clips including: a bottle attack montage and another montage of characters breaking the 4th wall.

Disc Two: 3 deleted scenes, 2 alternate takes and 5 “Lost Content” clips including: “ Trailer Park Life” – 31 minutes of interviews with cast and crew, “Directing is Easy” – 10 minutes of cast and crew talking about Clattenburg‘s directing habits, a 2 minute clip of “Rickyisms” and a 7 minute “fuck up reel”.


Disc One: 6 deleted scenes, 5 extended takes, 5 lost interviews, 6 alternate takes, and 18 minutes of bloopers and gags.

Disc Two: 4 deleted scenes, 4 extended takes, 5 lost interviews, 8 alternate takes and “A Park of Our Own”, a featurette which runs for 15 minutes and is about how the TPB crew actually created their own trailer park so they had more freedom with their shoots.


Disc One: Behind the Scenes on “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Piss Jugs” which runs for 15 minutes. There’s also 10 alternate takes and 6 deleted scenes.

Disc Two: 7 lost interviews, 2 extended takes, and a feature called “Trailer Park Boys Fun” which runs for 10 minutes and consists of interviews.


Disc One: a 43 second montage of crew members sleeping called “in-between takes”, a 1.37 minute clip called “stunts”, “Weed Hunt” a 3 minute clip about the weed they use for the show, “casting” a one minute clip about casting, a 1 minute interview “Mike O’Neil” clip (he plays Thomas), and two 1 minute clip with an animal wrangler.

Disc Two: An interview with Sebastian Bach, “Car Dump” a 3 minute clip of some car damage, and “Crew Moments” a 6 minute feature with members of the crew playing around.


3 deleted scenes, 8 alternate takes, 3 extended takes, a 1.31 minute gag reel, and a 16 minute feature called “From Shit Flurries to Shit Blizzards” which includes footage and interviews.

A nice selection or worthwhile extras that will keep you entertained for hours.

Available as a 14 disc box-set on DVD from Magna Home Entertainment.

2 thoughts on “Trailer Park Boys Complete Series

  • April 10, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    Its not the complete series!!! The show ends with the finale of season 9. 3 more great seasons thanks to Netflix. Reviving this show is the only thing decent about Netflix anymore. Check out all 4 movies and 9 seasons. There is plenty to love

    • April 10, 2015 at 4:09 pm


      At the time of the review it was all of the seasons, but yes I agree highly worth checking out the Netflix seasons and also the Swearnet movie and related shows.


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