Upcoming Release: Tombs of the Blind Dead


In the mid 2000s DVDs were a booming business. Cult, Horror and Exploitation fans were in heaven with awesome films being released by companies such as Blue Underground, Synapse, Cult Epics, Severin and Unearthed Films. I shudder at the amount of cash I dropped on single box-set releases compared to how cheap DVDs are today. I’m pretty sure I paid about $150 for this super mega awesome coffin box-set of the films, so worth it though,

This is why I love Shock’s Cinema Cult label. They’re bringing excellent films for dirt cheap to Australia and NZ and often for the first time with R4 releases and actual NZ classification ratings.

As of yet they are only releasing Tombs of the Blind Dead but at $9.99 on DVD it’s worth picking up and hoping that one day they can license the rest of the series. Available for pre-order now, the film releases on the 14th of April and is available for pre-order on  Mighty Ape.

Product Description:

In 1971, director Amando De Ossorio created what horror fans worldwide consider to be Spain’s Night of the Living Dead. In Ossorio’s nightmare vision, a legion of knights templar – executed horsemen whose eyes had been pecked out by crows – rise rotting from their graves, hunting only by sound in a quest for human flesh. The blind dead saga begins here, as a modern-day tourist trip to the ruins of the templar monastery unleashes a frenzy of lesbian desire, sexual violence and the unholy onslaught of the eyeless undead!

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