Night of the Hellhamsters

hellhamstersHere’s a fun and gory little short film from UK / New Zealand based director Paul Campion.

Julie (Stephanie Ratcliff) is busy babysitting a coupla rugrats and chatting on the phone to a girlfriend when her boyfriend Karl (Paul O’Neil) arrives. She excitedly asks him ”did you bring it?” he replies yes and pulls out a Ouija board box. But Karl is a bit of a pussy and deliberately forgot to bring the actual Ouija board, so Julie fashions a makeshift one out of a children’s alphabet game and a shot glass.

After messing around with it for a while they eventually bring forth some kind of demonic force which promptly possesses two cute ‘lil hamsters in a nearby cage. From here on out the film becomes really fun! – one hamster scampers up Karl’s pant leg and proceeds to mutilate his genitals- his cock and balls fall separately to the floor. Julie drags her castrated / penectomised boyfriend into the kitchen where he soon dies. Now she’s really pissed! She duct-tapes the bottom of her pants, gets a butcher knife and stainless steel pot and goes Hell Hamster huntin’! she catches one and tears its head off with her teeth, while another one levitates (?!) up to eye-level and spouts the immortal lines: ”Your boyfriend sucks cocks in hell!”. The smart-ass little hamster ends up splattered on a nearby wall. Suddenly the telephone rings and its her girlfriend screaming that Guinea Pigs just ate her mother! What evil have Karl and Julie brought into the world?

Night of the Hell Hamsters only runs for 15 minutes but its jam-packed full of gory and hilarious fun. Although shot on video with a pretty low budget, it definitely doesn’t show (well, apart from the string on the ”levitating” hamster!) The film is extremely well made with plenty of atmospheric lighting, some great – although campy – gore, decent acting and just an overall fun approach.

The film was shot in London with a 15 person crew over a 3 day period in late 2005. It is currently doing the festival circuit, and recently won Best Director at A Night of Horror Short Film Festival in Australia.

Director Paul Campion is first and foremost a digital effects engineer / texture and matte painter, and has worked on such films as Lord of the RingsThe Da Vinci Code(which he quit to direct this project) and Sin City.

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