The 33D Invader


From Man Kei Chin (aka Cash), esteemed director of such classless muck as Sex and Zen 2 and The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks I & II, comes this goofy softcore take on The Terminator.

Opening in the year 2046, we meet our heroine Future, a nubile young thing being sent back to the year 2011 by the United Nations in search of a suitable male specimen to impregnate her. You see, due to frequent radiation attacks from the planet Xucker, the majority of the population have been rendered infertile, thus the need for Future’s little trip into time. Unfortunately two alien assassins from Xucker have also been dispatched to halt Future’s mission to save mankind.

The unwitting Future lands in the apartment of three nerdy and horny male university students in present day Hong Kong and proceeds to look for a mate. Numerous fumbly sexcapades ensue with wacky sound effects, sleazy sax, and some Amy Yip references. But with a little help from the trio of hotties next door, she soon succeeds in saving the planet. Yay.

From the above plot description I’m sure most of you can foresee how this film unfolds, but if not, it goes something like this: inane sex scene, comic relief, inane sex scene, comic relief… ad nauseam. The alien assassins are perhaps the best feature, being as they are cactus-cocked hermaphrodites played by JAV idols Akiho Yoshizawa and Taka Kato. These two inflict some ridiculous (gore-free) violence upon the three geeks, including tearing a penis off and tying another in a knot, not to mention the always terrifying Alien Lethal Flower Nipples tactic.

Amusing baddies aside, this is not a particularly interesting Cat III, unless you are either a sex comedy fanatic or a die-hard fan of Sex and Zen-type shenanigans, minus the period trimmings. It seems these films are having a bit of a revival, which is great for the slapstick-inclined sleaze-hounds among us, but personally I find them particularly grating on the nerves.

No extras.

The 33D Invader is available on DVD from Madman.

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