Bath Salt Zombies

Another great no budget effort from Dustin Wade Mills, the man behind Night Of The Tentacles, this film makes the most of its limitations, providing a fast paced, well acted (well okay, that could be pushing it), good time for fans of low budget splatter.

In New York City a new drug has hit the streets, a strain of Bath Salts disguised as cigarettes that is highly addictive, has vicious side effects and that once tried you can’t kick. Our “hero” Ritchie (played by the malleable and rubber faced Brandon Salkil) takes one hit and turns into a homicidal, face ripping, psychopathic Jim Carrey! And that’s just the start of the film.

From then on it’s a one way ride to hell as Ritchie pursues more of the drug from his dealer Bubbles and his chemist comrade Sal (played by Mills), while maverick cop Forster pursues him. Well, him and any other drug dealin’ scum he can find. Forster takes out a whole gang, The Dragons, by himself because he’s too impatient to go through the proper procedures and when he hears about a punk rock massacre (Ritchie and two buddies go on a chowdown during a WWIX show – intestines pulled out, hearts chomped, heads ripped off – all in glorious no budget grue) he’s got a new target. Turns out that some military grade chemicals went missing, chemicals so vicious that the military decided not to use them, the same chemicals that have now turned up in the new batch of bath salts that Bubbles is flogging on the streets.

It gets mighty messy from here on in. Ritchie completes his Jim Carrey impersonation with a mad ass, crackhead Mask job, a puppet dog rips Sal a new one, tits get ripped off, dicks get bit off, a SWAT team meets their maker in a stylized “shit I don’t have the money for a real shoot out” music clip and Forster has to save the day.

Mills knows what he can and cannot do on his budget and he’s made one hell of a film on the smell of an idea. He’s got the best out of his actors, kept the pace cracking while still managing to give us some back story, thrown in a hell of a soundtrack (Meatmen, WWIX, Murder Junkies, BugGirl, Dwarves, Antiseen…), kept the film short and sharp and most of all, kept it entertaining.

I’ve seen some negative reviews of this film and to be honest I don’t get it. This is exactly what it promised to be – a low budget film that gives you naked sheilas, face ripping killers, cheap thrills, loud music and a fuckin’ fun time along the way. Imagine what the bastard could do with real money!!

NOTE: The back of the DVD case states the run-time is 90 minutes but it only runs for 64 minutes.


Commentary and trailers.

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