The Pocket Book of Boosh

The Pocket Book of Boosh is exactly the same as the larger (hard covered) Mighty Book of Boosh except it is pocket sized and its hardly even pocket-sized. The only pocket that it fitted in of mine was my German army  parka. The pocket book is also supposed to come with a denim slip, mine didn’t, but I am in NZ so maybe it’s a different edition or something, or someone stole the cover in the shop.

The book is full of drawings, photos, stories, crimps and even a comic strip. It’s perhaps in places more absurd than the show but sometimes the format doesn’t translate too well. The most awesome part of the book is definitely the visual aspect. The characters’ stories and pages seem quite contrived when committed to paper, it’s as if the characters are better on screen and the visuals are better on a page.

I think I would prefer to have the coffee table sized edition as the drawings, photos and comic strips would look more impressive on a larger scale. I don’t really see the importance of the (pocket) book being portable and easy to carry around, if you are such a person that you like to promote what you like, a t-shirt would seem a better option.

It’s a fun book that you’ll get through in about an hour, but in all honesty I think I’ll be more likely to flick through it every now and then to look at the visuals, not so much the stories and prints of crimps, character sayings etc. A must have for Boosh completists but if you are not one, then maybe give the radio show a try.

Available in Paperback

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