Samantha Mills Interview


Crimson Celluloid: I imagine, as the outsider I am, that it’s a massive change of lifestyle going from your home state of North Carolina to the mean streets of Los Angeles. How have you found things since you have moved?

Samantha Mills: It is a big change that’s for sure. Going from yards and suburbs to city life. But I absolutely love it and wish I would have moved to LA sooner. I’m still very new to the area so I’m still trying to gather my bearings but just the overall vibe and atmosphere of the place is absolutely wonderful. I just love how art in a general sense is accepted here whether it be acting or dancing or drawing or any form of expression. It’s great. I can’t wait to experience more of it.

CC: Has it been a case of non-stop auditions, dodging producers trying to lure you onto the casting-couch and avoiding any bodily fluids spilled by Charlie Sheen?

SM: Haha! Oh I wish that were the case. But unfortunately I’m still very green (or a newb in non acting terms) so I need to continue to just try and get my foot in the door and work on what I can that will allow me to continue to build myself a name and move forward. I’m all about the hard work because once you succeed after you start accomplishing those goals you have set, it just makes you appreciate it all even more.

CC: Have you thought out a career path or is it a matter of taking you where the roles lead you?

SM: Some people like to think they have it all planned out and I know for a fact that I don’t. I mean there are things that I want to do and accomplish but I’m realistic. I’m sure it may not turn out the way I think I have it planned. Yet it also could. No one knows and that’s the adventure side of it and makes it worth while to me. I just don’t want to limit myself. If something is presented to me that I find interesting, I’m game. If I want to do something and I can’t find it, I go looking to see what I can find.

CC: A couple of the roles you have taken have been in the horror genre…does the idea of being a “scream queen” appeal to you? Are you a fan of horror films?

SM: I mean I will be honest, I have seen the franchises of the Halloween movies and Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street and truly enjoyed them. I was even introduced recently to the Phantasm franchise and to me, it’s all fun. But besides those and a handful of John Carpenter films (who I recently went to see at a local Q&A) I didn’t know much of the horror genre. I mean I watch horror films, and I either like them or I don’t. But that goes with any genre. With that being said though, I’m starting to learn (or attempting to learn the genre) and that the people who are horror fans, are true fans and have been some of the best and outrageous people I have met. I recently went to a local horror film convention here in LA and was floored with all that there was to be seen. It was amazing and I was just so drawn to it all and I just loved the overall vibe. I mean if becoming a scream queen one day got me at least one or two loyal fans like some of these people I have seen and just talked to, I’m all for it. Granted I don’t want to limit myself but if it meant I was successful and my characters made my audience think or feel in some manner, or creeped out, heck yeah I would carry that title.

CC: What can you tell us about the film BOMBSHELL BLOODBATH? This was a low-budget film (at around $500,000) but still your first feature film work. Did working on the film present any unusual challenges?

SM: The only challenge I discovered was no matter the weather, you better work hard lol. There were days of cold and snow and days of heat and humidity. But it was an absolute thrill. When you work with a group of people for an extensive amount of time, it’s actually sad when you wrap and it’s over. But it was a great set to be on. Bombshell Bloodbath is a 70’s-80’s Italian style horror film with influences by Director Lucio Fucili. Currently it’s working it’s way through the film festival market. It’s so far been to the “AFM” (American Film Market) and the “EFM” (European Film Market) and a few others internationally and has been contacted by the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. There is also a promoter taking the film to Cannes and there have been interests from distributors from what I understand as well so that’s very exciting! Or at least to me lol.

CC: Did working on a feature film live up to your expectations? What did you learn from working on that film that you will carry to future roles?

SM: Actually it did. And then some. I was expecting long hours and there were days of, long hours lol. But I think the main thing I learned was to just go with it. If something needs to be changed, just role with it. You’re a team and you all need to trust each other and when you do, you get some pretty cool work. So I’m hoping that with future things that I will be able to work on, that I can not only bring past experiences with me but learn new experiences to take with me on other work. Oh, and no matter what, take something to keep yourself warm even if it’s stifling hot lol

CC: Your latest film HONEYSPIDER is the one that first brought you to my attention. This looks really cool. What can you tell us about the film and your role in it?

SM: My character is the best friend of the main character. It’s Halloween and it’s also the main characters birthday and I convince her to finally get out and do something to celebrate but let’s just say some crazy things start to happen for everyone as the night starts. Lol. You can check out some of the stills and other upcoming information at

CC: All modesty aside, why do you think you were cast in the film over those others who auditioned?

SM: Well I would like to say my good looks and charm and talents, but let’s be real here, I have no idea lol. I actually worked with writer Kenny Caperton on another set and we discussed the interest of me doing the role of the best friend of the main character. After I got the script and read it over, I couldn’t wait to get started working on it. And the rest is history.

CC: Director Josh Hasty is mainly known for shooting shorts. What was he like as a director?

SM: My first day on set was my first time meeting him. We had talked a little on Facebook prior to filming, just trying to get bearings on what filming would be like and how things will hopefully go. But he was pretty cool to work with. He works great with the actors in helping them get to that point they need to be to get some great shots.

CC: What particular challenges did starring in HONEYSPIDER present to you?

SM: Shooting during the day one day and shooting at night another. It really gets your sleep pattern very out of sync. But it comes with the territory and it’s something you just have to work with and around. Oh and wearing a dress. I’m not really a dressing wearing gal. I like my jeans lol.

CC: With a relatively young and inexperienced cast was there a sense of camaraderie during production?

SM: That’s for sure. You’re there cheering each other on and rehearsing hard to make sure you have everything right and to look like you have been friends for years. With everyone (cast and crew) having the same goals in the outcome, you really come together and help each other out in some manner.

CC: Hollywood is full of attractive women looking to get their break in films. You have a great look and presence…but further to question 8 what do attributes do you feel you have that set you apart?

SM: I don’t want to blend in. I want to stand out. I don’t want to always be “glamorous” or do those types of roles. I want to also do things that would make people scratch their head. Take for example Charlize Theron. Stunning and talented actress I bet we all can agree on. And her role in Monster. A super non glamorous role and she thrills in this role. It’s great. I’m not afraid to do something like that. To step out of that comfort zone and try new roles. Some I will probably fail in and ask myself what the hell was I thinking, but at the same time it’s a risk you take. And to be a character and play a role, glamorous or not, I can’t think of anything else that I would want to do.

CC: Judging by what I have seen you have a great career ahead of you…what advice would you offer the next girl off the bus from North Carolina looking to get into the business?

SM: There are people who will want to try to take advantage, there are people who will try to tear you down and there are people who will tell you things that are too good to be true. Keep a clear professional head about you. There are many gimmicks that are proposed to get you to the top quicker. Don’t fall for it. Do what is right. It takes a long time to establish yourself in a new market, especially one this huge. Just work hard and keep going. And unless you feel burnt out and just tired of it all and want a change, don’t give up. You’ll get there. It’s small steps but eventually you can reach the top. And make sure you’re doing this for you, not anyone else.

CC: All the very best for your future roles. We’ll be watching with interest.

SM: Thanks!! Hope I can bring a lot more entertainment to everyone.

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