Deep Contact

Deep-ContactORDER DVD

Set in the “futuristic” year of 1999, Deep Contact concerns the imminent destruction of earth and a group of sexual scientists’ attempts to save mankind from total annihilation.

Waturu is a nihilistic loner who, upon hearing of humankinds coming extinction, recklessly decides to ignore his huge debt owed to the Yakuza. While on the run from his suited loan sharks he is snatched off the street and taken to a bizarre hospital where all sorts of sexperiments are being performed. He soon learns he has what is known as Sexual Psychokinesis and his services are needed to help save the planet from an earthbound comet.

Experimental hospitals all over Japan are preparing to harness the sexual energy of the country’s few Sexual Psychokinetics’ and use it to throw the comet off course. All that’s left to do now is begin the intensive training required to hone their sensual skillz.

Originally planned as a sequel to 1997’s Whore Hospital titled Whore Hospital 2: Armageddon (or, if you like – Pink Salon Hospital 2: No-Panties Female Doctor), Deep Contact is a goofball Sci-Fi themed sex comedy from director Yukio Kitazawa.

In all honesty this is a pretty mediocre release from Pink Eiga; obviously sex saturates the screen but it is invariably dull and uninspired. Set and costume design is decent enough for a low budget affair such as this and the acting is tolerable, but it just has a really monotonous feel to it that causes your mind to wander. Maybe it’s the lack of variety in locations or the lacklustre comedic interludes, I don’t know.

Recommended to indiscriminate Pinku fans and/or sex comedy completists only. Anyone else will probably just be bored to tears with the average softcore scenes and juvenile tomfoolery.

The interview with the director runs for 13 minutes and is the only extra worth mentioning, as he talks about his background in the industry and working as an assistant under legendary directors such as Koji Wakamatsu.

  • Original Artwork
  • Still Image Presentation
  • International Trailers
  • Interview with Director
  • Video Commentary with cast and crew
  • Sneak Peek: More Pink Eiga trailers
  • Cast and Crew Bios and Filmographies

DIRECTOR(S): Yukio Kitazawa | COUNTRY: Japan | YEAR 1998 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Pink Eiga | RUNNING TIME: 61 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 1.85:1 | REGION: 0 | DISCS: 1

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