Everyone Must Die

Everyone-Must-DieORDER DVD

Without having done extensive research online I’d wager that I wouldn’t be the first to follow the title of this film with the words “starting with the people who made this film!”.

Like I’ve said on previous occasions, if only films could be reviewed on the basis on the enthusiasm of the filmmakers rather than the final product, it’d mean a lot of happier filmmakers out there. However this is another entry in the “low-budget hell” category that, more often than not, seems to feature films that were obviously a lot more fun to MAKE than they were to WATCH.

It’s your basic stalk and slash film but made on a LOW ($4000) budget and without any discernible talent in front of or behind the camera. I will give points for including some female nudity (big on breast, small on ability) but this is unfortunately over-shadowed by having a cast of non-actors reciting reams of dialogue. That’s the BIG mistake that a lot of indie filmmakers make…if you don’t have credible actors, then giving them pages of dialogue will sink your production.

The killer is clothed head to toe in black and can often be seen walking in the background and lurking nearby thus negating any tension or suspense that might otherwise be the case. The cast discuss horror films and the conventions that characters in them follow (a la Scream), then get killed one by one in bloody but not particularly clever ways.

It won’t see light of day down here in Australia or NZ in any way, shape or form. There’s a lot to be said for living on the other side of the world sometimes.

Extra Features:

  • Bloopers
  • Trailer
  • Cast and Crew commentary
  • Writer Commentary

Director: Steve Rudzinski / USA/ 2012/ MVD Visual/ 71 Mins/ 1.33:1/ Region: ALL

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