Element: Daily Yoga

Daily-YogaIt’s common knowledge that yoga is good for you. It’s supposed to help with everything from back pain, stress, weight loss, blood pressure, sleep quality and you don’t have to turn into a new age vegan hippie to do it anymore. Having a toddler I live a pretty hectic schedule and often have interrupted sleep so the last thing on my mind is taking time out for myself but it seems that is exactly what I need – relaxing me time.

The instructor is Mia Togo, a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching for over 10 years. She also holds a degree in psychology and is a certified life coach and in her commentary this really comes across as she is very calming and focuses a lot on the mind. I get a lot of tension in my back by the end of the day so I really appreciated her calming commentary and the mind-body focus of the segments.

There’s two segments: Morning and Evening.  In the morning session you can expect to do  cat cow, plank hold, downward facing dog, cobra, updog, crescent, forward fold, sun salutation, warriors, side angle pose, one legged chair, half boat, double crunch with leg extension, bridge, resting pigeon and ending with some breathing.

The evening segment focuses more on breath work and stretches including down dog pedals, crescent pose, bent over hamstring stretch, twisted chair, chair pose, forward fold, dolphin pose, bird dog, lying back work, cobra and seated stretches. The night sequence is more focused on ridding yourself of stress and tension from the day and leaves you relaxed. It doesn’t feel as intense as the morning segment.

Both segments run for around 40 minutes and even with the challenging poses Mia offers modifications so that the poses are easier. The DVD felt a bit classier than other exercise DVDs I have watched and definitely made me feel relaxed. It is a bit more advanced than a beginner DVD but still doable for beginners and I liked that she used the actual asanas (yoga pose names) as I haven’t encountered that in other DVDs it doesn’t feel as bastardized as some other DVDs I have used in the past.

A great DVD to try out if you haven’t yet delved into the world of yoga.

 No extras.

Available on R4 DVD from Anchor Bay/Starz.

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